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JANUARY VIEWS 2011 – Receiving a New Year

With 2011 only a few breaths away, we anticipate an extraordinary year at Body Harmony! It could be 'just another year' for you, or perhaps you are ready to make a creative and vibrant difference in your life. If life has been ordinary, let's move from that place of ordinary to...

NOVEMBER VIEWS 2010 – A Growing Awareness

Entering the third trimester of pregnancy will make the next few months "the last of life as I know it”. As expected though, this growing experience has brought such wonderful connections with other prenatals, new moms and their babies, along with moms I’ve known for...

MAY VIEWS 2010 – The Value of Commitment

Commitment is strong word. Dedicating oneself to an engagement means a decision has been made and the integrity of word behind that decision will be tested. Whether the commitment involves a couple of hours for physical participation, a year of obligation to school/work, or a...