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MAY VIEWS 2009 – A Cause for Community

International travel alters the people who experience it. What happens then, when a group of like minded souls take on a Spiritual Journey to Peru? Well, I seriously contemplated this shortly after parting with the group, nearly three weeks ago today. And as I sat on a balcony overlooking the bustling and vibrant...

MARCH & APRIL 2009 – It Is Written

It's refreshing to see the under dog arise from unfortunate or less than positive life circumstances. In the case of Slum Dog Millionaire we have a budget movie with a no-name cast filmed in a third world country. Against all odds it wins 8 Academy Awards. The reality of 3 orphans moving together...

FEBRUARY VIEWS 2009 – Heart Month

Life is interesting. We have the opportunity as human beings to expand our knowledge and awareness in so many ways. We can read books, watch movies, listen to music and communicate with technology. We can connect with animals, learn from the wise and travel to explore other cultures....