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Class Styles

Hatha Yoga Flow

This Hatha Yoga class focuses on appropriate postural alignment while slowly flowing in Vinyasa-style and is open to students of all levels. The easiest variation of the pose will be taught, followed by more advanced options for those who are looking for a more challenging practice. You can expect a well balanced flow with postures to stretch/strengthen your body, along with pranayama (purifying breath work), and meditation at the end.


Prenatal Yoga Flow

Yoga exercises, breath work and meditation are learned to prepare for birthing a child and for quick recovery from pregnancy. Nurture yourself and enjoy this precious time in your life by relieving stress, improving awareness and increasing flexibility. No previous yoga familiarity necessary.


Restorative Yoga 

Restorative yoga takes the best of the traditional Hatha yoga practice and modifies it in a way that makes it more accessible to anyone in any stage of physical fitness. With the use of yoga props and supports, the body has the chance to explore and experience the benefits of yoga. For those students who perhaps have been intimidated about yoga before, feeling that they were just not ‘flexible’ enough, have a new opportunity to work where they can learn to stretch passively and yet deeply in the context of restoring their bodies. This style of practice also greatly benefits those with an active lifestyle allowing the body to begin to ‘let go’.


Yin Yoga

A deep physical discipline of yoga that enhances nourishment and strength of the meridian system (unseen pathway that continuously flows throughout the body, carrying energy and blood throughout the entire network). Holding simple Hatha yoga poses for extended periods of time (usually between 3 to 5 minutes) can allow stretch beyond the muscles to create greater flexibility in the connective tissues between the joints. Often the poses are quite basic, but an extensive mindful hold in them allows for the opening of these ‘energy channels’ to maintain a harmonious balance of body, mind and spirit.


Yoga By The Beach

Outdoor Mixed Levels Hatha Yoga classes will likely return summer of 2018. These classes have been running for 15 years in West Vancouver at John Lawson Park and are typically Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30am to 11:30am (weather permitting).