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SEPTEMBER VIEWS 2009 – Enlighten Up!

Enlighten Up!What IS yoga, really? Every person you talk to will likely have a different story. This makes sense for many reasons. There are a variety of styles of yoga, numerous personalites of teachers, copius ranges of environments of which to practice and essentially, uncounted personal preferences for why one would want to try. So imagine the diversity of answers? Actually, even if you had the same person, attending the same weekly class, with the same teacher consistently at the same studio, their experiences would change. As there are many physical, mental and emotional benefits to the practice (most everyone would agree), I suggest exploring yoga and what it can do for you on your own! You just won’t know how much you’ll grow, until you go and continue to experience yoga for yourself. 

On September 20th, we have a lovely experiential gathering as part of a world wide Global Mala Event. RSVP and share our experience of peace and joy through yoga and chanting with Jeffrey Armstrong, that Sunday from 10:30am to 12pm. We welcome you to uplift your spirits and learn more about what it feels like to be in an energetic community! The $20 per person proceeds go to the Pennies for Peace foundation.

If you wish to continue collecting data about other perceptions of yoga (or just wanna be entertained) there is a fun first run documentary called Enlighten Up! Starting September 4th, take your yogic friends, non-yogic family or skeptical partner to enjoy some laughs about a 29 year old male journalist who whole-heartedly gives yoga an unbiased chance.

Have a fantastic Labor Day weekend and please read the studio schedule to find a class that suits you. We’re excited about the fall programs and look forward to seeing you back at Body Harmony soon!

Blessings, Love & Light

Lori & Staff at Body Harmony


Student of the Month

Student of the MonthCongratulations Sharon Dives! A pleasant and lovely soul to have around, Sharon says, “Body Harmony is an oasis of calm for me. On the first day I walked into the studio in the Fall of 2006, I got a feeling of ease, a feeling like I had come home. And still to this day, even as I drive toward the studio to class, a sense of peacefulness and joy starts to come over me. Sometimes I still bring stresses and judgements into the studio with me, but that’s where the yoga and meditation take over — these help me to ‘release the things that no longer serve me’. The staff and teachers are, dare I say, perfect for me! They are gentle and welcoming souls. Every teacher has their own style and way of explaining the postures and meditation and the spiritual journey, well, the ‘yogic’ way. The lessons mingle and merge with my own philosophical and spiritual understanding to help me to live in the moment and to find my way through life in this material world. Thank you Body Harmony, for being here (and now).”


Mom & Baby Yoga with Lori Charko

Mom & Baby Yoga with Lori CharkoReturn to exercise in an environment that welcomes your baby. We practice Hatha Yoga postures and breathing exercises that can be done while bonding with your baby. You will improve your endurance, flexibility, and pelvic floor movement in a fun and safe environment. You will feel better and appreciate being in a community with other moms and babies (aged 4 weeks to 10 months). Fun stories with tea and cookies are shared after class!

Mondays 11:00am to 12pm
September 14 – November 30 (No classes October 12)
10 Classes in 11 Weeks for $126 plus gst – Space Limited 
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Wednesdays 11:00am to 12pm 
September 9 – November 25
10 Classes in 12 Weeks for $126 plus gst – Space Limited 


Beginner Yoga From The Core with Lori Charko

Beginner Yoga From The Core with Lori CharkoIf you have NEVER DONE YOGA you will learn fundamental back and abdominal conditioning exercises, appropriate positioning for sun salutations and improve your awareness of the core. If you HAVE DONE YOGA you will benefit from clarifying the detailed anatomy of the core, as well as pick up fine tuning techniques and core visualizations. The yoga postures will be taught with adjustments to work safely with the physical conditions and postures of the individual students. Maximum 12 students.

Sunday September 13
12:30 – 2:30pm
$20 plus gst – Space Limited
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Pressure Proof Your Life: Become Resilient with Ms. Nicklas Ehrlich

Pressure Proof Your Life: Become Resilient with Ms. Nicklas EhrlichJoin us for an amazing introductory class where you will learn cutting edge, effective stress resiliency techniques. You will learn about the various Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine methods that can make you resilient to stress while bringing your mind, body and relationships into greater health and balance. These techniques are the most powerful and effective therapeutic tools for creating remarkable personal change and growth. Come hear the latest research on the powerful mind-body connection, and how you can achieve positive change and balance within your mind, body, emotions and life. The insight and techniques you will learn will help you enhance your yoga practice. This is a workshop that will introduce you to the tools to become resilient to stress and take healthy control of your life!

Sunday September 20
12:30 – 2:30pm
$20 plus gst –
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ABC’s Infant / Child CPR (up to 8yrs) with Michele Labelle

ABC's Infant / Child CPR (up to 8yrs) with Michele LabelleLearn the basic life saving techniques of CPR and removal of an obstruction for kids under 8 years old. DID YOU KNOW the #1 reason for doing CPR in infants is choking (0 to 1 year)? And the #1 reason for doing CPR in children is drowning (1 to 8 yrs)? Michele Labelle worked as Respiratory Therapist at BC’s Children Hospital for 16 years in the ICU and special care nursery. She brings her experience to teaching CPR in a fun and realistic approach to saving your child’s life. Please read the white pages of the telephone book (pp. 26-28) on safety and come with a teddy bear (or small doll) and piece of paper and pen. Minimum 10 students.

Sunday September 27
12:30 – 2:30pm
$20 plus gst –
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The Spirit of India 2010

The Spirit of India 2010Join Michele Labelle on a spiritually captivating yoga journey of Southern India from February 13-28, 2010. With its vibrant colours, intoxicating scents, and animated culture, India welcomes you. Travel through a kaleidoscope of settings, from bustling cities to charming colonial towns, tranquil gardens to lush rainforests, wildlife sanctuaries to glorious sandy beaches. The Spirit of India  journey is a wonderful way of exploring India’s magic in a group setting with like minded travellers ready to explore new adventures.


Green Tip – Simple Packaging For Less Garbage

Buy products that don’t come with any packaging!Know your numbers. If you’re buying something that comes in plastic, check the bottom for numbers(1, 2, 4 & 5 are to be included in the North Shore recycle program and are not accepted as regular disposal)


Renewable and recyclable glass is at the head of the class since you’re guaranteed it won’t leach into your food or drinks.Buy dry. If you’re picking up an ingredient such as chicken broth, the powdered kind goes a lot further than a can of water-filled broth, which gets used up in one meal.Buy in bulk. Even consider bringing your own container for filling.Good things come in small packages. For instance, cereals that come in smaller boxes often contain the same amount of, say, muesli, as the bigger boxes, which are just full of air. Compare product weights to be sure.Keep an eye out for biodegradable corn-based plastic food packaging.





Notes from Adria Vasil’s book ‘ECOHOLIC: Your Guide To The Most Environmentally Friendly Information, Products and Services in Canada’