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OCTOBER VIEWS 2009 – Taking Care of Busyness

Taking Care of Busyness With the invevitable change of season, we ourselves are best to allow for change. Recently a colleague in the fitness industry confessed, “Once my life gets in order, I’m going to yoga.” It was evident that even the mention of yoga brought him a feeling of relief. I smiled, “come to yoga and everything will fall into place.” It made him think. 

Those of us who include yoga in our routines already know that regular practice enhances life and makes everything flow more easily. While there will always be something to do, it is essestial to add time for ourselves to that never ending list. Yoga practice reminds us of the importance of quiet time and introspection. Surrendering to the calmness and serenity of yoga, will bring flow into the rest of our lives, making that list seem a little more manageable.

To celebrate Thanksgiving, we at Body Harmony want to show appreciation for our loyal students by continuing to reward them with the best prices on the North Shore. If you haven’t been to the studio in a while (and perhaps were waiting for a deal) wait no longer! This Free Class Pass  will give you the opportunity to get on track with yoga and receive discounted passes. (Please Note: 9 Week Specials that come up are for NEW MEMBERS ONLY, which means students who have never had a pass at the studio). We hope you appreciate the value, service and experience we offer at Body Harmony and look forward to seeing you soon.

Happy Thanksgiving


btw, see the schedule for a new early morning class on Tuesdays at 6:30am, a new beginner yoga course on Thursdays at 11am (starting October 1st) and also the thanksgiving long weekend classes!

Student of the Month

Student of the MonthI love when Vera Gibson shares her ‘yoga experiences’ after class – they give the goose bumps! Our energetic and yoga commited Vera says, “I have been practicing yoga on and off for over 30 years in various locations with many different teachers. However, it wasn’t until I discovered Body Harmony a few years ago that I experienced all the layers that yoga can be. On a physical level, it is the counterpoint to many of the other physical activities I enjoy during a week, improving my flexibility and strengthening my body. On a spiritual level, it gives me an another opportunity to connect with all that is, and works on keeping my chakras clear, which in turn enables my intuitive abilities to stay strong. On an emotional level, it connects me with a community of wonderful people and as a result, I have made great friendships. On a mental level, I have learned much during various events including slide shows, book clubs and more. Lori, you and Body Harmony are always on my gratitude list – I am so grateful to have such a supportive and loving space, filled with powerful energy, where I can go to enjoy my yoga practice.” Thank you Vera! 

Vancouver Yoga Conference

Vancouver Yoga Conference Calling all yogis and yoginis! Between October 2nd and 5th, join 30 world renowned yoga experts from around the globe for 110 workshops, classes, lectures and training programs at the Yoga Conference and Show . Whether you are new to yoga or a lifelong practitioner and teacher, there is something for every skill level. Use this Free Show Pass to access 33 yoga classes at the conference . In need of any yoga accessories or props to enhance your practice? Come by on Oct 3rd or 4th and browse over 100 exhibits to find everything you need for your Yoga, Pilates and Wellness practice, together with inspirational products for your lifestyle.

Beginner Yoga Program with Jennifer Jordan

Beginner Yoga Program with Jennifer JordanDesigned for the beginner, this series of gentle classes will progressively add new poses and breathing techniques. Each week learn yoga asanas (postures) to feel more confident about stepping into regular Gentle and Hatha drop-in classes.

Thursdays October 1 to December 3
11:00-12:15 pm
$140 plus gst – Space Limited
Preregister Now


Cloth Diapering 101 with Karen Randall

Cloth Diapering 101 with Karen RandallCloth diapers are making a comeback! Parents are saying yes to reusable diapers due to the environmental, health and financial benefits. And it need not be difficult! In this workshop you will: 1. Learn how to use cloth diapers – how to put them on your baby, how to store them and how to wash them (and how easy all of this is). 2. Review the most popular reusable diapering options available to you today and look at why families choose each option. 3. Learn what you need to get started with cloth diapering, including a checklist for a kit that can get any family started from day one – and succeed. 4. Have the opportunity to get your hands on several types and brands of diapering systems – see how they work & see how they feel. 5. Have your questions about cloth diapering answered by an expert. 

Sunday October 4
12:30-2:30 pm
$20 plus gst –
Space Limited Preregister Now


New Moon Women’s Circle with Teresa Campbell

New Moon Women's Circle with Teresa Campbell Calling all Goddesses! Join resident yoga teacher Teresa Campbell for an inspiring & celebratory evening of YOGA, meditation, DANCING, chanting and SHARING. Be surrounded by your community sisters where women of all ages fill the space with beautiful feminine power that will elevate you and remind you of your truths as a woman! Let’s journey together & explore “how we can empower ourselves individually, as a community, and as a world of women.” Elizabeth MacLeod, Wild Woman

Sunday October 4
7:00-9:00 pm
$20 plus gst – Space Limited
Preregister Now


Meditation Exploration with Lori Charko

Meditation Exploration with Lori CharkoThis meditation class will explore several different styles of meditation to help calm and focus your mind, and bring more energy into your life. Learn techniques to be present and in the moment, as well as inspire spirituality through appropriate breathing and visualizing. Meditation or dhyana is one of the eight limbs of yoga leading to a path of enlightenment.

Sunday October 18
12:30-2:30 pm
$20 plus gst – Space Limited Preregister Now


Understanding IMAGO: Loving Relationships for Singles and Couples with Katie Barr of Hina Coaching

Understanding IMAGO: Loving Relationships for Singles and Couples with Katie Barr of Hina CoachingCome join us for this fun-filled introductory session based on the work of Oraph’s favourite relationship therapist, Dr. Harville Hendrix (author of the New York Times Bestseller “Getting the Love You Want”). Learn how applying the tools and techniques of Imago can literally transform your current relationship; or if single, can help you make a better choice next time round!

Sunday October 25
12:30-2:30 pm
$20 plus gst – Space Limited
Preregister Now




Body Harmony Book Club

Body Harmony Book ClubThe Red Tent is a novel by Anita Diamant, published in 1997. It is a first-person narrative story, giving voice to Dinah of The Bible (daughter of Jacob and sister of Joseph, a talented midwife and proto-feminist). The book’s title refers to the tent in which women of Jacob’s tribe must, according to the ancient law, take refuge while menstruating or giving birth, and in which they find mutual support and encouragement from their mothers, sisters and aunts. According to the Los Angeles Times review, “By giving a voice to Dinah, one of the silent female characters in Genesis, the novel has struck a chord with women who may have felt left out of biblical history. It celebrates mothers and daughters and the mysteries of the life cycle.” Join us for a fascinating discussion on Wednesday November 4th at 7pm . Please contact our host Vera Gibson to RSVP.