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NOVEMBER VIEWS 2009 – Falling Back into Good Yoga Etiquette

Falling Back into Good Yoga EtiquetteThere is great awareness of the term ‘yoga’ in our society and it is growing! Curious viewers of TV programs and videos are hearing about yoga’s numerous benefits, but for some, the first step into a yoga studio can be intimidating. Even if friends, family and co-workers have raved about how much they love their local yoga classes, you never really know what to expect from the first experience. “Will I be able to follow with everyone? What will I wear? Will it be mystical or esoteric?” These are common questions, but need not be of concern. It is the nature of yoga to provide an overall experience of feeling better in your own skin, and at Body Harmony Yoga Studio we do our best to make everyone feel comfortable.

To continue enhancing the yoga experience for all our students, we wish to give a friendly reminder of some studio etiquette. (These tips can easily be forgotten when you feel so much at home in our space!)

  • Arrive to class 10 minutes early to allow time for setting up and settling in, as doors are locked at start time 
  • Keep all conversations to a quiet whisper, so other yoga students can meditate
  • Stagger your mats to make space for your yourself and your yoga neighbours
  • Keep the floor clear for practice by leaving personal belongings in the change room and storage cabinet
  • Use bolsters and blankets only if you are wearing long pants and did not work up a sweat during class
  • At the end of class, greet your teacher and fellow yogi’s with the traditional ‘Namaste’ (Sanskrit term meaning ‘the light in me recognizes the light in you’)Invite your friends and family to explore the studio’s classes with the $99 Fall Special for 9 Weeks of Unlimited Yoga! It is for new members only, thus you are eligible for this special if you have never purchased a pass or have only had a 5 Class Pass. The sale ends November 16th.Blessings to all,Lori, Staff & Teachers at Body Harmonybtw, please remember to fall back your clocks to 11pm on Saturday at midnight!




Student of the Month

Student of the MonthCongratulations and Happy Birthday Suzanne Spencer! We are blessed by the open minded and light hearted nature Suzanne exudes. She shares, “My journey began before I knew I was about to take one. I started with a Power Yoga class, but it was recommended by a teacher that I try a gentle class to help me learn the postures. I did this and they kept me coming back again and again, as gentle words continued to guide me along my journey within. I can now enjoy a variety of classes, and I’d like to say many thanks to all the teachers for their inspiring words and encouraging movements. I love the way that the teachers share their beliefs, both on and off the mat. I appreciate their patience and guidance. For each day, each moment, each breath that I breathe, I am grateful. For every class I attend, I move my body and I am moved into a deeper place while making new friends and starting new beginnings. It is an honour to be Body Harmony’s student of the month for November, because this month is a turning point in my life as I turn 50. My dedication to yoga practice has allowed me to become a more flexible and stronger athlete, a calmer and more loving mother and wife, and a good friend to more and more people in our world. I know for certain now that yoga is my way of life, for it has shown me a greater life.”

Stay Healthy This Flu Season

How will you protect yourself this fall, with the added dangers this flu season presents? As yogis, we like to encourage our students to approach their health in a holistic way with an eye on prevention. In that tradition, we would like to give thanks to all of the students who have graciously stayed away from the studio while ill and encourage others to follow suit. Follow this link to find 10 more tips to help you prevent the Swine Flu this season.


Finish Your Week with a Traditional Hawaiian Massage

Finish Your Week with a Traditional Hawaiian MassageCandace feels a strong connection to the Hawaiian culture and way of life, and has furthered her studies in the traditional Hawaiian form of massage, called Lomilomi. This ancient custom of holistic healing involves long, rhythmic strokes, using the forearm and hands. Lomilomi has been described as “a connection of heart, hands and soul with the source of all life”.

She has been a student of Body Harmony for many years, and is excited to have the opportunity to share a “peace of paradise” with other students of yoga because massage therapy plays an important role in balancing the mind, body and spirit. Candace is a Certified Massage Therapist with her basic massage training in Hawaii at Maui School of Therapeutic Massage.  She completed her Lomilomi Level 1, Level 2, and Ili ili (Hawaiian Hot Stone Therapy) at Hale Ho’omana on the island of Maui. Candace is available for treatments by appointment  every Friday at Body Harmony.


Pain Relief Now! With Jennifer Jordan

Pain Relief Now!  With Jennifer JordanLearn simple and effective techniques to isolate and release those muscles that hold chronic tension or pain. Tension and pain are common symptoms of everyday stress, thus we will take the time to bring awareness to those specific areas that need nurturing. Feel the joy of applying yoga stretches to find relief in your entire upper body – wrist, arms, neck, shoulders and upper back. If possible, please bring a fold up portable chair.

Sunday November 8
12:30 – 2:30 pm
$20 plus gst – Space Limited
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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Class with Jen Phair-Owens

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Class with Jen Phair-OwensThis relaxing, spirit filled class is lead from the belief that there is unity among body, mind and spirit. The Phoenix Rising therapeutic approach uses the body as a starting point to open the door for all three. During our time in this session, we will connect in a circle and then explore the “felt senses” through organic movement and postures. As we connect to what’s present with-in, the self exploration will nourish the inner witness and deepen self acceptance. Everything you need to know to support and guide you in your life is available in your body right now!

Sunday November 15
12:30 – 2:30 pm
$20 plus gst – Space Limited
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New Moon Women’s Circle with Teresa Campbell

New Moon Women's Circle with Teresa CampbellCalling all Goddesses! Join resident yoga teacher Teresa Campbell for an inspiring & celebratory evening of YOGA, meditation, DANCING, chanting and SHARING. Be surrounded by your community sisters where women of all ages fill the space with beautiful feminine power that will elevate you and remind you of your truths as a woman! Let’s journey together & explore “how we can empower ourselves individually, as a community, and as a world of women.” Elizabeth MacLeod, Wild Woman  

Sunday November 15
7:00 – 9:00 pm
$20 plus gst – Space Limited
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ALIGN ~ ALLOW ~ RELEASE with Sharon Abbondanza

ALIGN ~ ALLOW ~ RELEASE with Sharon AbbondanzaWith the use of props, learn the art of releasing tension in your neck, mid back, chest and shoulders. Ultimately, we connect to your spine and invite your head into conversation with your heart! Sharon is passionate about this intimate and beautiful healing work for the body.

Sunday November 22
12:30-2:30 pm
$20 plus gst – Space Limited
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YOGA: From the Ground Up with Sharon Abbondanza

Waking up the feet promotes a vital living connection to the earth! Learn to feel the foot triads and awaken the leg lines to sequence force from the ground up through the pelvis and from the pelvis up through the spine. Understand how the pelvic bones feed into the hip socket and force is sequenced through the SI joints up the spinal column. This workshop includes anatomical appreciations, an inspiring standing flow and a deep unification of body, breath and heart. Sharon has studied yoga since 1979, and the therapeutics of yoga with Leila Stuart for five years.

Sunday November 29
12:30 – 2:30 pm
$20 plus gst – Space Limited
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UNIVERA – Vancouver Regional Gathering

UNIVERA - Vancouver Regional GatheringFeaturing Stephen Cherniske, the internationally renowned biochemist, expert nutritionist and one of the most sought after speakers on healthy aging and wellness! Stephen is also the author of the best selling book The Metabolic Plan: Stay Younger LongerCome and learn the secrets to living a long, healthy, pain-free life from the expert! Join us for an informative and inspirational day on Saturday, November 21st at the River Rock Casino. Click here to learn more.



Body Harmony Book Club

Body Harmony Book ClubThe Red Tent is a novel by Anita Diamant, published in 1997. It is a first-person narrative story, giving voice to Dinah of The Bible (daughter of Jacob and sister of Joseph, a talented midwife and proto-feminist). The book’s title refers to the tent in which women of Jacob’s tribe must, according to the ancient law, take refuge while menstruating or giving birth, and in which they find mutual support and encouragement from their mothers, sisters and aunts. According to the Los Angeles Times review, “By giving a voice to Dinah, one of the silent female characters in Genesis, the novel has struck a chord with women who may have felt left out of biblical history. It celebrates mothers and daughters and the mysteries of the life cycle.” You are welcome to join our small group for a fascinating discussion on Wednesday November 4th at 7pm . Please contact our host Vera Gibson to RSVP.