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MARCH VIEWS 2010 – We Have a Dream!

We Have a Dream!Vancouver, the lower mainland, Cypress Mountain and Whistler have all been doing a remarkable job of fulfilling the Olympic Dream of 2010! It is an additional bonus that Team Canada is pulling the country together with a wonderful sense of emotional pride. And with only a few more days of all this excitement and anticipation, we ask you intend to keep the vital energy and spirit of community alive. Let’s continue to volunteer and bring personal talents and strengths together, to help create a conscious community that aspires to help locally and globally. We begin by easily interconnecting friends and family with an accessible tool, the new Body Harmony Facebook Page. Join our group to network and aspire to thrive while making the world a better place.

If you need to balance out all the excitement with some quiet and comforting moments, you can always turn to our studio and community for support. This weekend, we have cancelled only two classes (Friday 4:30pm and 6pm) in light of the Olympic celebrations. Please read below for our workshops and special classes.

Go Canada! Go World!


Lori, Teachers & Staff at Body Harmony


Student of the Month

Student of the MonthCongratulations Bob Brough! A fellow North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Member, Bob is an all around great ‘single guy and Investment Planner’ to have at Body Harmony. Bob says, “In a relatively short period of time, Body Harmony has become a significant part of my life, my personal journey of growth and development and my sense of peace and well being. From the ethereal Jen to the effervescent Lori, the instructors and staff offer a variety and responsive range of practices that I can match to my immediate needs and requirements of that day. My exploration of the connectivity between mind, heart and spirit continues and the noticeable improvements in flexibility and range of motion compliment my running, skiing and trail adventures. Most important of all is the ability of the studio to create an almost cocoon like environment of peace and tranquility within which I feel quite comfortable being present, relaxed and focused as I fumble my way through my practice. Thank you for recognizing me as March Student of the Month. The beauty and light within me recognizes and respects the beauty and light in each of you. Namaste.”


Intuitive Decision Making with Whitney McMillan

Intuitive Decision Making with Whitney McMillanHave you ever made a fantastic decision based on a ‘gut feeling?’ In this workshop, we will tap into intuition as the instinctive voice of your inner wisdom, your sense of knowing at a deep level without knowing why. When paired with our rational minds, intuition balances thinking and feeling in decision-making. It helps us to understand where we are ‘stuck’ and to reduce our confusion. Together, we will explore techniques to build your intuitive 6th sense and apply these skills to decision-making at home, at work, in relationships…with everything! Be empowered to listen to, trust and value your intuition.

Sunday February 28th
12:30 – 2:30 pm
$20 plus gst –
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Full Moon Women’s Circle with Teresa Campbell

Full Moon Women's Circle with Teresa CampbellCalling all Goddesses! Join resident yoga teacher Teresa Campbell for an inspiring & celebratory evening of YOGA, meditation, DANCING, chanting and SHARING. Be surrounded by your community sisters where women of all ages fill the space with beautiful feminine power that will elevate you and remind you of your truths as a woman! Let’s journey together & explore “how we can empower ourselves individually, as a community, and as a world of women.” Elizabeth MacLeod, Wild Woman

Sunday February 28th
7:00 – 9:00 pm
$20 plus gst –
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Pain Relief Now! with Jennifer Jordan

Pain Relief Now! with Jennifer JordanLearn simple and effective techniques to isolate and release those muscles that hold chronic tension or pain. Tension and pain are common symptoms of everyday stress, thus we will take the time to bring awareness to those specific areas that need nurturing. Feel the joy of stretching to find relief in your entire upper body – wrist, arms, neck, shoulders and upper back. If possible, please bring a fold up portable chair.

Sunday March 7th
12:30 – 2:30 pm
$20 plus gst –
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Sacred Chant Concert with Snatam Kaur

Sacred Chant Concert with Snatam KaurConcert, chantfest, musical group meditation, a yoga class in melody, how best to describe a live performance by Snatam Kaur and her band? It’s all of these things and more. Crystalline and radiant, Snatam’s voice is redolent of the simple yet powerful truth of the heart.

Snatam’s divinely melodic songs based on traditional Sikh mantras are augmented by simple, heartfelt English verses that express the meanings these sacred syllables hold and help the audience forge their own emotional connection. Snatam is ably supported by devotional music stalwart GuruGanesha Singh, who handles the guitar with effortless grace, slipping easily between chordal rhythms and mellifluous leads.

Sunday April 4th
7:30 pm
$35 General Seating, $45 Premier Seating


Green Tip – Travelling Green

Green Tip - Travelling GreenGetting There:
Consider making your next flight “climate-neutral” by making a donation to an organization like the Better World Club. Your contribution will be used to help build renewable energy facilities, planting trees or any number of other projects that will cancel out the carbon dioxide produced by your flight.

Staying There:
When staying in a hotel, the laundering of sheets and towels consumes large amounts of energy, water, and detergent. Do your part by asking the hotel to change your linens and towels every other day.

While There:
Most destinations now provide a vast variety of sightseeing Eco-Tours which are designed to minimize your impact on the local population and environment.