JANUARY VIEWS – A Belief in Miracles

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It is with amazement that yet another year has nearly passed us by! Now, with most holiday festivities under ones belt (so to speak) we can sit back to contemplate the entire flurry with a sense of gratitude, then look ahead with wonder to the potential of 2016.

With time fleeting the way it has, when we speak of the potential of reopening Body Harmony Yoga Studio, it has become apparent to me that ‘time is of the essence’. Being back in the North Vancouver has prompted the restart of communications with real estate specialists in consideration of another studio. My family and I would be sincerely honored to re-establish the blue carpet in an appropriate space for yoga once again! It does appear however, that it will take a small miracle for a new studio to appear. Body Harmony was the first drop in yoga center on the North Shore, and since that time some 13 years ago, things have changed considerably. Nearly all yoga enthusiasts (students and teachers alike) can take responsibility for the state of competition and convenience yoga has now afforded us. Good for the consumer? Yes, on the short term. The competitive corporate style of yoga brings about positivity in many ways, but it does not take long before we see how the spiritual element of the practice has been compromised.

Drop in convenience in a boutique style setting sounds lovely, however it has to sustain itself. Thus as I ponder the possibility of such a miracle this year (with intentions set, connections in place and communications open) I continue to take steps to do what I love. And that is to teach yoga. Thankfully we have been granted the opportunity to share yoga in a lovely space in North Vancouver for the month of January. I pray more opportunities and spaces present themselves, as I root myself firmly in what is to come.

Happy holidays and much love to all. May miracles abound us in 2016!



Lori Charko



Find Your Flow for 2016


This workshop formerly known as ‘Developing Your Home Practice’ helps you incorporate your favorite yoga postures into a flow that is user-friendly anytime and virtually anywhere. Learn how to implement your special needs into a complete flow that will strengthen, stretch and relax you at home, while travelling or wherever you may be! Find your flow and move through it with confidence, knowing you can modify the routine as you need. Please bring a journal or large notepad and pen.


When: Friday (January 1st) 1pm-3pm
Pre-Register (10 Spots): lori@bodyharmony.ca
Use your existing BHYS Pass or Pay in Cash: $20 (Including Tax)
Show up and settle in 15 minutes early: 237 Rondoval Crescent



Limited Time Mixed Level Hatha Classes

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The yoga journey of each and every one of us will always have its own unique path. Discover where your intial practices of 2016 will lead you! Move through our sequence of hatha yoga postures and be in flow as you intend with pure awareness how you wish this coming year to evolve. Changes take time, however moments of mindfulness are key to that form of personal development. Naturally cultivate your desires for 2016 and enjoy the process of manifestation by attending any or all of these classes.


When: Saturdays (Jan. 2, 9, 16 & 23) 10:30-11:45am
Pre-Register (12 Spots): lori@bodyharmony.ca
Use your existing BHYS Pass or Pay in Cash: $15 per class (Including Tax)
Show up and settle in 15 minutes early: 237 Rondoval Crescent