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HAPPY 50TH EARTH DAY. Thank you for opening and reading this email. I hope it finds you well. This is a special email, as there will never be another April 22, 2020! For this 50th Earth Day, I am hoping to initiate a shift or new hope in YOU. Most folks on this email list have been following Body Harmony for so many years. Why? Maybe you have faithfully stayed in touch because the yoga we shared sparked a light that you would like to experience again? Or maybe there was something about the studio you loved and would like to feel again? I am not sure, but I believe it is possible for you to access yoga in a new way, that you may surprisingly enjoy! If you are like me, you have had enough of everything being ONLINE, however, a simple shift in perception may allow you to partake in something you haven’t thought about in quite some time. Today, I ask for your support in keeping the small studio where I have been sharing my teachings over the past few years, to stay afloat. The current global crisis is affecting small business in a very real way, and that really hits home for a lot of us. After the 10 years of owning and operating Body Harmony Yoga Studio, I can totally relate to the trials and tribulations of the “one man show”. Since we are not meant to do things alone, and we are all in this together, I would be thrilled if you would join me online to drop in, say hi, and experience a yoga practice with Lori once again…


Would you like to move your body and flush out some ‘stuck’ energy? Do you want to ease your mind and take a bit of time to nurture yourself? Is it time to connect with like minded people online? If YES, join Lori for this one hour well balanced yoga flow that offers a 10 minute relaxation at the end. After class there will be 15 min for anyone who wants to stay online to connect with the others in a meaningful way. Connection is the antidote to the isolation of our times! You can jump off at any time.

To participate you must preregister up to 1 hour BEFORE the class, but it is recommended to do so the day before if possible. So to reserve your spot in Lori’s class:

1. Click https://bodyharmony.ca/group-yoga-classes/classes-timetable/

2. Click the Friday Hatha Class that takes you to www.theyogaroot.ca

3. Click the Friday Hatha Class to register.

4. Then, enter the class between 9:15 and 9:29am on Friday, by clicking the Zoom link.

5. Download Zoom OR just join in your browser.

6. Breathe and enjoy!

This class is being live-streamed via the online platform Zoom. You can download the Zoom US app or program for free without creating an account. This allows you to enter the class by simply clicking on the class link provided after registration at the Yoga Root. If you are unable to download the app there is a “view through browser” option that comes up when you click on the link.

You can join by using any device that is connected to a good internet connection and that has picture & sound capabilities. You can choose to be seen or to turn off your video during the session. You will receive an email invitation with a link to our online platform 10-15 minutes before each class starts. Set up your mat and practice area. If you do not receive the link within 5 mins of class please check your spam and junk folders before emailing us to check. All registrants will be sent the link. If you miss the deadline to pre-register for each class (1 hour before) not to worry, you can join us the following Friday.

Take good care of you!




The student clinics for private Yoga Therapy sessions at the Vancouver School of Healing Arts continue to be held online, thus I welcome you to connect with me if you would like some uplifting support or guidance to be reminded of practices to keep calm and centered. These one on one sessions are offered via Zoom by donation, with a suggested rate of $30/hour (limited availability until September 2020). Although this offering is quite different from my usual hands on approach, the sessions have been very successful and enjoyable thus far. Please email lori@bodyharmony.ca if you are interested or have any questions.

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