APRIL VIEWS 2013 – Peru, A Special Place

DSC 0179.160753“Here come those so-called human beings, those creatures that like to chase us and litter in our fields.” I’m guessing this was the line of thinking the vicunas had, as they watched my daughter and I slowly approach them. On the road between Arequipa and Colca Canyon my family spotted a magical herd of vicunas (llama like mammals of the central Andes). We thought it would be fun to get out of the vehicle and see how close we could get? As it turns out, the instinct of the vicuna disallows any physical closeness to them, so when they started to move away, I ran. I wanted to run and did so, full speed ahead towards them. It wasn’t long before the altitude got to me and I stopped to turn back and see my daughter and husband staggered in the distance. Walking back, and feeling a little dizzy, I noticed a plastic water bottle and thought it was kind of weird. Then soon again another, another, and another! I couldn’t believe it, we were in the middle of nowhere and there was human garbage. With disbelief I started to pick up some bottles until my arms were full, and then that of my husband’s arms and then my daughter’s as well. Driving home with a vehicle half full of plastics, I again was shocked. In front of us was a small truck with two men in the back throwing big bags of garbage over the side of the road! My husband honked and shook his finger as we sped past them, and I felt sick. There certainly is a lack of education about the effects of dumping waste on the earth, and an education is needed. It is not so different in other third world countries, I’m sure. Thus, if you have had any similar experiences elsewhere in the world or perhaps have a comment, please share with us on Facebook.

Greetings from Arequipa, Peru! It has been two full months of residing here, and the family is feeling settled. The climate is warm and pleasant and the relaxed Peruvian culture is upon us. It feels strangely natural to be here, even with the new pattern of things. Although time hasn’t slowed for me yet, there is promise of it sometime over the next couple of years. Focused on learning Spanish and spending more time with my daughter, I’m feeling a sense of contentment. How wonderful if I could formally share the practice of yoga in this country!? How do I plan to do this? Please see the information below regarding our special group tour for 2014.

In the meanwhile, I hope you are getting creative with your involvement in yoga and expanding to new horizons. I sincerely miss the lovely smiling faces I used to see regularly and think of them often. Virtual smiles back to you all.

Namaste & Blessings

Lori Charko

Private Tour to Peru in 2014: A Spiritual Journey

DSC 0289.110127With the desire of sharing yoga in this amazing country of Peru, I am putting together a private tour to bring yoga students from Canada here to South America. Yes, YOU can experience the special vibe and energy in Peru in 2014! Consider joining my husband and I for A Spiritual Journey this time next year by first checking out the preliminary itinerary. We would love to be the ones to show you the culture, the food, the people and a plentitude of landscapes. Experience Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Urubamba and more by checking out this 13 night preliminary itinerary. If you have been planning to come to Peru and feel now is the time, you can get started by completing the Student Interest and Health History forms at the bottom of the website Workshop page today. Please print them, fill them out and send scanned copies tolori@bodyharmony.ca at your earliest convenience.

Note: To make the tour a success, all submissions are appreciated prior to July 12th, 2013.

Yoga by the Beach


It is with deep regret, that we inform the dedicated outdoor yogi’s of North and West Vancouver that our Yoga by the Beach program for this year will not run. After some promise of keeping the classes going in Lori’s absence, it turns out that legalities and insurance issues will keep Body Harmony from having a contract with the parks this year. West Vancouver Parks assures we can resume the summer program next year in 2014, so Lori is planning a return for the highlight of her year!

Green Tip

BottledWater.152733Do you cringe at the sight of these plastic bottles? Here’s what you can do to help lower the consumption of plastics:

1. Reduce the amount of plastic used in your household.

2. Reuse your plastics as much as you can first, before recycling.

3. Clean the products and place them in the appropriate recycle bins based on numbers codes 1 to 7.

4. Note: Not all types of plastics will be collected in your area, so get creative with the materials that can’t be picked up! It could just mean a monthly trip to the local Recycle Depot.

Learn more about the process of recycling plastics with this short video and search the internet to see what you can do to eliminate these waste products in your community.