Entering the third trimester of pregnancy will make the next few months “the last of life as I know it”. As expected though, this growing experience has brought such wonderful connections with other prenatals, new moms and their babies, along with moms I’ve known for years. The North Shore is absolutely blessed with a community that cares, shares, recycles and gives resources which help build this sense of connection. And since we are so fortunate to have the availability of…     Read More


‘Patience is a virtue,’ my grandmother always used to say. As a young girl, the concept of a virtue was often difficult to understand. Now as an adult, I find it is the patience aspect of this phrase that has me more perplexed! Why is it that being patient with family is often the most challenging practice of all? Through yoga, I have explored that question time and again over the last eight years. Working closely with my mother (Ellen)…     Read More


Energetically, there is a feeling of change here on the West Coast. In September, students go back to school, schedules shift, and there can be a sudden chill in the air that comes with the autumn changing of the trees. The parks are noticeably more quiet, fruit stands close and Yoga by the Beach wraps up for another year. In our family, we are welcoming the fall with yet another big adjustment. The anticipation of a little baby girl this…     Read More