DECEMBER VIEWS 2011 – Gift of Light

Christmas has evolved into something different for me over the years, and I believe this to be common. It is ultimately a celebration, with a few days off and time to spend with family and friends. However, it is a holiday that isn’t always anticipated by all. To surpass any ‘inner Grinch’ this holiday season, connect with what’s most important. Move past negative energies and into self inquiry. Find a way to transform the energy within yourself and be with…     Read More

NOVEMBER VIEWS 2011 – Ahimsa

A well intended yogi friend said to me recently, “I can’t believe people don’t know what this means!” I had an inner smile because we were referring to a concept taught to us at a very young age. The concept was Ahimsa, a Sanskrit word which means ‘do no harm,’ and implies that non-violence is vital to a peaceful existence. Without getting into where it originates from in the sacred Vedic texts, let’s just say it is a term that…     Read More

OCTOBER VIEWS 2011 – What is Your Passion?

Yoga is my passion. Simply stated, regardless of the question, yoga is usually the answer. It seems there is always a way to bring some element of yoga into a conversation. Feeling anxious? Do Yoga. Not sleeping? Breathe and meditate. Wondering about what direction to take your career? Dedicate your yoga practice with the intention to find guidance, then repeatedly ask yourself ‘what brings out the best in me?’ In those raw and quiet yoga moments, you can recognize your passion within you!…     Read More

SEPTEMBER VIEWS 2011 – Monkey Mind

My husband is quite the comedian. Earlier this week he sang, “Five little monkeys, jumping in your head” and although it would sound like this tune was directed to a young child, in this case he was referring to me. I guess the multi-tasking of motherhood can make one look a little whimsical and somewhat indecisive. Let this be the confession of a yogi who admits that missing too many of those morning meditations and asana practices, has recently resulted…     Read More

AUGUST VIEWS 2011 – Sweet Surrender

Can you remember a time you may have been holding onto ‘the idea of something’ that just wasn’t flowing? You probably didn’t feel very good. Imagine how it would have felt if you completely let go and detached from ‘the idea’ and acknowledged what actually was. Likely, the feeling would resemble that of a light feather. Surrendering to the moment and accepting ‘what actually is’ invites a feeling of harmony within. A lack of ease or ‘dis-ease’ creates illness in the mind and body. Since most…     Read More


In light of the recent Stanley Cup episode, many of us in BC are still left with remnants of disappointment, wondering how to go about celebrating Canada Day with our usual sense of pride. As Canadians we are typically deemed friendly and down-to-earth, making us wonder about the whirlwind of horrible events, and then cringe at the spectacle of interest it created. Many people were swept into the ‘photographing of strangeness’ which by happenstance, ended up increasing the mob and…     Read More


If we had more time, we would spend extra hours with people we care for, play outside more often, read things we enjoy and revel in all that we value in life. It seems that in this day and age, as we accept more responsibility, there is less time devoted to balancing play, love and work. We all make varying choices to juggle these needs. However if somehow, someway, we could each have more time for ourselves, wouldn’t we want to…     Read More

MAY VIEWS 2011 – A Moment for Mother’s

The experience of motherhood changes pretty much everything, especially the perception of Mother’s Day! On that one day in May that is designated to honour the mother, it now seems to me that cards, flowers, jewellery and humble words of thanks are somewhat insignificant. How can one possibly begin to acknowledge the never ending nurturing nature of a loving Mom? It’s true that I now look at people differently. As I hold my daughter and type with one hand, I realize…     Read More

APRIL VIEWS 2011 – Our Earth

Recent earthquakes and the potential of another looming is not something we wish to hear about, however I would like to shed some light on what I think is happening here. Natural disasters are brought upon us to teach us about LOVE, rather than fear. Although it’s a good idea to prepare for what could come, the focus now is to LOVE those experiencing rough times, instead of dwelling in the fear and insecurity we have for our own lives…     Read More

MARCH VIEWS 2011 – Making Sense of Scents

There is something so soothing about the scent of a newborn. The comforting and intoxicating smell of a baby’s face quite often has us craving even more of its freshness. The aroma of Johnson’s Baby Products is not what I’m referring to, but rather the natural scent of a little ones skin. The skin, the human body’s largest organ, doesn’t smell sweetly forever. With the help of a healthy diet the skin will constantly renew itself, however the rate of…     Read More