SEPTEMBER VIEWS 2013 – Lessons in Detachment

Big or small, lessons in detachment arise often. Like ‘miracles’ which some of us believe appear frequently, ‘lessons’ are visible if we are open to see them. My husband was scheduled for a business trip to Lima for a week and he wanted my daughter Tika and I to go with him. This was very last minute and within 24 hours, we would all go and stay with the in-laws for a good part of the week. Although it would have…     Read More

SUMMER VIEWS 2013 – Motivation for Machu Picchu

I wish for folks to know that I sincerely understand the challenge of motivation, especially with respect to exercise. Along with the decision to put the studio aside for a bit, I needed to know I would continue to take care of my health, for my sake. Not because I needed to teach a class or be an example for everyone else, but because I respected and loved myself enough to do it for my own immediate and long term well-being. Well, recently…     Read More

APRIL VIEWS 2013 – Peru, A Special Place

“Here come those so-called human beings, those creatures that like to chase us and litter in our fields.” I’m guessing this was the line of thinking the vicunas had, as they watched my daughter and I slowly approach them. On the road between Arequipa and Colca Canyon my family spotted a magical herd of vicunas (llama like mammals of the central Andes). We thought it would be fun to get out of the vehicle and see how close we could…     Read More