OCTOBER VIEWS – A Conscious Effort Yoga

Sheer determination. It can get us through some interesting times with yoga! The extent to which we really want or desire something is the degree to which we can move through states of discomfort and challenge. However, it is natural to be attracted to a life of comfort. We usually desire to be comfortable with our dwellings, both our place of residence and our human body. As well, we wish to be comfortable with our thoughts. Although the latter is…     Read More


It is very interesting how there have been two recent releases of yoga documentaries, both of which share a common concern for yoga in the west. Their findings clearly show that for the majority of people, yoga has simply become a series of postures. There is evidently a lack of meditation, breath work, and also depth of morals and disciplines being incorporated into the practice. I very much connected with some of the discussions in the Yoga Maya Movie which…     Read More

MAY VIEWS – For the Love of Yoga

I was standing very close to the edge of a cliff, ready to jump but assessing where it was safe. Feeling fear, I mustered up the courage and then remember landing with some discomfort. But I made it! Then, before you know it I was standing up there again. This time, with a small group of people explaining how to clear the obstacles and make the jump. After everyone jumped, even though I had every intention of jumping with them,…     Read More


It is either the altitude here in Arequipa or the writing of this eNewsletter that is bringing a feeling of dizziness. Most likely, it’s the latter. 2014 will be an interesting year with excitement and adventure for those who open themselves UP! to the wonders of life and the world. We meet those people who have a zest for life and consistently have a willingness to say ‘yes’ to what is presented to them. Then, there are those people who…     Read More