“I don’t have the spirit of Christmas,” was what she said, as if wondering what was wrong with her. The tree was up, gifts were wrapped, Christmas concerts were realized, and the letter to Santa was even sent. All the Christmas music and outer preparations abound us would not bring about the happy vibes of years gone by. I can imagine there is a lot to consider regarding holiday traditions, for a little one living in a multicultural city…     Read More


Time is the most precious gift someone can give you. That is, when it is complete undivided attention with presence. Full body listening for the sake of understanding. A connection of pure awareness that I seek to find with you here. I liken it to the feeling of chanting OM at the end of a really good yoga class! A sensation we would love to sustain but understand “this too shall pass”. When we think of something as being sustainable, we are not usually thinking in terms of…     Read More


                        This year I turn 50. Although I do not look or feel half a century old, there are telltale signs! Energy levels are somewhat different from the 30’s and this is one human sign of aging to be considered with the addition of nearly 500 hours of Yoga Therapy studies, which have been incorporated to my 2019 schedule. It is a bit intimidating, as I am keeping the group yoga classes previously implemented and I will continue to welcome…     Read More