imagesCAX1YNKL.112454Christmas has evolved into something different for me over the years, and I believe this to be common. It is ultimately a celebration, with a few days off and time to spend with family and friends. However, it is a holiday that isn’t always anticipated by all.

To surpass any ‘inner Grinch’ this holiday season, connect with what’s most important. Move past negative energies and into self inquiry. Find a way to transform the energy within yourself and be with your true essence. As an example, if judging someone’s extensive use of Christmas lights, investigate inwardly, asking how it relates to you. In this case, you could connect to the brilliant colors and magnificent warmth these lovely orbs can bring, recognizing that we are all a form of energy. Make a valuable observation in knowing that we are all essentially the same, and all essentially good. Be grateful for fleeting moments of self union, or better yet, oneness with all.

May you find the gift of inner light this holiday season and allow it to bring all that you need!

Peace, Blessings & Holiday Wishes



Student of the Month

2011DecSuzanneRisticresized.1222271.105352Congratulations Suzanne Ristic! “Thank you Lori for the $99.00 Special because it brought me into Body Harmony three years ago and I’ve been a committed student ever since. The first two years I attended at least four classes a week, usually five, and sometimes as often as six but unfortunately my body is wearing down and with great regret I’ve had to stop going to all the classes I love. Body Harmony is a great gift I give to myself. I leave classes feeling revived and relaxed (until I get home!). I often say that it is like getting a full body massage and at a fraction of the cost! The principles that apply to yoga: being in the moment, connection to breath, self awareness, also apply to my profession as an actor and I am convinced that I am a better actor because of the work I do at Body Harmony. Thank you for selecting me as Student of the Month.”