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Participation FAQs

How can I attend a class? May I just drop in?

Yes, you may drop-in to the regular scheduled yoga classes. You will need to secure your space and register with Wellness Living Online at least 1 hour prior to the class. Classes are offered in-studio and online. Either way, please show up 10 minutes before class to settle in and prepare yourself for a flowing yoga practice.

Do I need to have a yoga mat?

A personal yoga mat is necessary to attend classes in the studio, as well as for joining in online from the comfort of your home practice. A sticky mat is a great investment in your health, as it provides for a more enjoyable yoga experience and they are now required in all studios due to Covid 19.

What do I wear to class?

Any loose comfortable clothing that is clean will do! Exercise apparel that can be worn in layers is always best. When attending classes in studio, please refrain from use of perfume and heavy deodorants in consideration of other class participants who may have allergies or chemical sensitivities.

Is it a good idea to eat before class?

Nutrition is an important part of success for any exercise program. It is best to eat a healthy snack or a light meal 1-2 before class time and a full meal with super foods shortly after class. This will ensure a comfortable and energetic class, and optimal metabolism.

Do you play music during your classes?

Yes, there is typically relaxation music to enhance your yoga experience except when we are outdoors we enjoy the sounds of nature. Ultimately, individuals are encouraged to focus theirĀ attention inwards, however the background sounds are there to enjoy as you slip in and out of a deeper state of awareness.

What if the class is too easy or too difficult?

After your first class, if you are uncertain, you can ask Lori to help you determine if the class is suitable for you. You must however always listen to your body and avoid inverted postures if you have high blood pressure, are menstruating, are pregnant or have any infections in you eyes, ears, nose or throat. It is always recommended to consult with your doctor before starting a new exercise program.

Is it O.K. to arrive late or leave early if needed?

For in studio classes, it is asked that you arrive on time and do your best to stay the length of the class. When practicing from home, your need to arrive on time to be accepted into the class, but of course it is up to you if you stay for the whole session! Please remember that the relaxation at the end of class is of utmost importance to your yoga practice. Your parasympathetic nervous system will love you for it! Please schedule accordingly.

Is it possible to arrange for a private yoga session, either online or in person?

Yes, Lori is available for private yoga therapy with students to help customize their wellness needs. The first session is 90 minutes and all subsequent appointments for these yoga and/or wellness consultation are 60 minutes. Please see the Private Yoga Therapy page for more information and to arrange for a complimentary 15 Minute Phone Consultation.

Does Body Harmony Yoga support charitable organizations?

Since 2002, Body Harmony Yoga has supported various charitable organizations including Doctor’s Without Borders, The Looking Glass Foundation for Eating Disorders and Camp Moomba. As well, for several years Body Harmony sponsored a child through World Vision Canada. In addition, the studio participants of the 2nd Annual Journey of Our Hearts program graciously donated over $1000 to help build a school in Pisac, Peru. Currently, OXFAM Canada is the charity of choice.