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2015!! Two great years have gone by quickly with yoga practice and my family anticipates at least another half year here in Peru. I recollect my sentiments regarding wanting this sabbatical for only 1.5 to 2 years, however, I am going with the flow. The flow of the family makes this feel right, thus decisions for another studio at this time are not plausible. I am prepared for the consequences of being gone longer than appropriate (as far as ‘business’ is concerned) because the family is a priority now and we are very happy. We will continue to enjoy our time in this culture, nourishing relationships with relatives and friends.

To date, the opportunity to stay at home with our child and provide a higher quality of living for the family has been a huge blessing. Watching our Tika blossom into a lovely human being has brought so much joy and love into our lives, I don’t think there is anything that could compare. Along with being a parent, I occasionally volunteer at a local orphanage, study Spanish a couple of times a week and teach yoga a couple of times as well. As per usual, yoga, walking and the gym keep me fit. This, along with complying with the quarterly eNewsletter, all feels sufficient for now.

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For example, I was recently granted time and inspiration to write this, as Tika held a yoga practice with Snatum Kaur for one hour. You may enjoy the video posted on Facebook. She likes doing yoga, singing, ART, hiking, going to the park, and simply playing. She has a sense of humor like her father and is passionate and sensitive like her mother. Already in March at the age of 4, she will attend a school with other kids her age. Such is the system in this Latin American country and I rather like the idea. It would be great for her to complete the year through to December, with good timing to return home in January for registration of schools in North Vancouver.

As for my dear husband, when we are not traveling he is working 6 day weeks. So obviously, his up-and-coming work choices will greatly affect the course of things. Having said that, in all likelihood parents will understand my desire to honor my family at this time. It is with certainty that the path ahead will clearly lead us all to what nourishes us and keeps us healthy and happy, yet will prompt us to offer service.

Happy New Year, Peace, Body Harmony & Blessings to All!


Lori Charko



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