JANUARY VIEWS 2012 – Footprints

Footprints2.114607It’s been an interesting year! World events aside, recent developments in our little world have brought yet another need for change. With a baby girl taking her first few solo steps, it seems somewhat symbolic that I too need to step forward. January will mark nine years of operating Body Harmony Yoga, and this anniversary will start with the Journey of Our Hearts. I request community support on this journey, a program working towards physical and mental wellness. May it bring more balance and heartfelt growth to our lives, preparing us for a wonderful year ahead!

Looking forward with faith and optimism of everything to come, I must say thank you to our unwavering clientele for your attendance during my leave. With all of you at Body Harmony, it feels like there are more than one set of footprints in the sand…

Happy New Year

Lori Charko

Btw, Please see below for information on how to join us for the Journey of Our Hearts, and our inspiring workshops.


Student of the Month

HeatherKorsa.1700181.150630Congratulations Heather Korsa! It is our privilege to acknowledge Heather as Januarys’ Student of the Month. She has been a glowing presence at our studio since 2009 and has a warm and inviting energy that resonates with everyone she has come in contact with at Body Harmony.

She says of her experience, “It has been my pleasure to attend classes at Body Harmony over the past many years. Like many people, I started at Body Harmony because of the $99 special.

I would like to thank you Lori, and all of your wonderful instructors, for sharing your passion for yoga with me. I have always had a very active lifestyle, enjoying biking, skiing, hiking and other fitness pursuits, but I often skip the stretching part after my activities. My work is physically demanding too. Yoga has saved me! My body was beginning to stiffen and my lower back was causing me pain after years of not bothering to stretch. Practicing yoga gives the balance that I need to keep my body mobile and flexible; I’ve become stronger (and I’ve gotten taller too)!

I feel very welcomed, peaceful and relaxed in your studio; it feels comfy. What I love is that each class is different, and always seems to be exactly what I need that particular day. Thank you for choosing me to be the ‘student of the month’ I am honored.”


Journey Of Our Hearts

JOOHPIC.124727Body Harmony would love for you to join our exciting journey! Each week from January 9th to March 4th, we intend to complete Seven Renewal Practices including yoga, cardiovascular conditioning and meditation. Completing all 7 daily activities (each week) for 8 weeks will not only help bring more balance into your life, but we’ll enter you in a draw to WIN 6 Months of UNLIMITED YOGA . In addition, everyone who completes the challenge will receive a $25 credit towards their next pass and the studio will donate $5 to our sponsor child.

To participate, register today with our receptionist by purchasing your 2 Month Unlimited Journey of Our Hearts Yoga Pass. We will put your name up on the studio charts and for each week you complete the renewal practices below, you will help yourself to a sticker to mark your accomplishment. These practices can be mixed and matched in the course of each week to suit your schedule OR perhaps enjoy the suggested schedule. This is a Karma Yoga system that requires honesty and personal integrity. Have fun, join us for some of the workshops that will help with your journey and note the positive changes that develop with this experience!

$165 + HST –Pre Register Now


Vision Your Chakra Success for 2012 with Whitney McMillan

Chakra.172506What do you want in your life for 2012? Opening the flow to creatingYOUR BEST YEARyet, join this workshop to explore your ‘ideal success’, create effectively impactful resolutions and allow chakra energy to guide your holistic vision in all areas of your life.

Saturday January 14th

12:30pm – 2:30pm



Eating Naturally for Energy with Dr. Nina Lange and Dr. Julie Durnan

foodheart.173506Invest a couple hours with the doctors from Pacifica Naturopathic Clinic, to energize your palate and spirit with a workshop on a naturopathic approach to whole foods nutrition. Learn about food sensitivities, individualized food choices, and what current research shows us about the impact of sugar on our hormonal systems. We will also have some energizing treats to taste and participants will have the opportunity to ask individual questions about their own energy levels.

Sunday January 15th

12.30pm  – 2.30pm

$20 + HST – Preregister Now


Developing Your Home Yoga Practice with Lori Charko

DSC 0982.105932Wish to practice effectively WHEN and WHERE you like? Practicing yoga is a life long venture that can be done anytime, and virtually anywhere! Learn how to build a safe and balanced combination of postures for your own yoga practice at home, while vacationing or when working on the road. We will have fun creating a yoga flow incorporating your favorite postures and personal needs. This class is great for students who have some yoga experience, and feel comfortable with basic yoga postures. Please come prepared to practice your new flow. Maximum 10 students.

Sunday January 22nd

12:30pm – 2:30pm

$20 + HST – Preregister Now


Finding Freedom from Overwhelm with Whitney McMillan

IntuitiveDecisionMaking.165938Join Whitney, best-selling author of Rock Your Overwhelm: Live in Clarity, Balance & Freedom to shift key culprits keeping you in overwhelm. Like so many people, it’s easy to quickly find yourself buried in overwhelm. In the blink of an eye, overwhelm swallows you up with busy-ness, should’s, feeling undeserving, and doubting yourself.

Ready to get out from under your heavy stress-filled life? Release your overwhelm beliefs and find a better way of living – Live Free from Overwhelm! A life of clarity, balance and freedom awaits you.

Saturday January 28th

12:30pm – 2:30pm

$20 + HST – Preregister Now


Yoga From The Core with Lori Charko

If you have never done yoga, you will learn fundamental back and abdominal conditioning exercises, appropriate positioning for sun salutations and improve your awareness of the core. If you have done yoga, you will benefit from clarifying the detailed anatomy of the core, as well as pick up fine tuning techniques and core visualizations. The yoga postures will be taught with adjustments to work safely with the physical conditions and postures of the individual students. Maximum 12 students.

Sunday January 29th

12:30pm – 2:30pm

$20 + HST – Preregister Now