JULY VIEWS – 7 Soothing Summer Activities Outdoor Yoga

Yoga By The Beach


Change is the only constant. Welcome change and new experiences by saying YES to outdoor yoga and other uplifting activities this summer!

The fresh ocean air along with glorious views of Stanley Park and Vancouver await us. Mixed Levels Hatha Yoga classes at John Lawson Park in West Vacouver with Lori Charko:

July 14 – August 13, 2015

Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:30 to 11:30am

Mark your calendar or Bookmark this page and join us for this magical opportunity. Put on some sunscreen, bring a yoga mat and beach towel, and arrive 15 minutes early (especially if you prefer a spot in the shade). The class fee is $12 cash or you may use your BHYS pass if you still have remaining classes. These mornings will surely elevate your spirit and offer moments to feel a real connection with nature.


“I am never more conscious of my breath than when I am doing yoga beside the ocean. With this heightened awareness and the sounds and smells of summer all around, my practice is taken to a much deeper level of experience. Add Lori, a teacher who is very conscientious and skilled as your guide, and you are set up to embrace the best hour of your day. I cannot wait for July!”

Darlene Anderson, North Vancouver

“Yoga by the beach is such an incredible experience; the fresh air, the ocean, and the trees make it really special. The classes are really well designed for all ages and abilities. There have been days when I craved a gentle hatha class and days when I wanted more power and strength and I was always able to follow Lori’s cues to make the class what I wanted it to be. I will always arrange my schedule to attend – there isn’t anything else like it!”

Rachel Kurrein, Surrey



FREE 21 Day Meditation Experience

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Humanity is becoming more aware of the importance of being present in the moment, yet it is a challenge we all face. At times, a joyful, meaningful life – a life filled with grace – seems perpetually out of reach because there is always something more we need to do. Deepak Chopra and Oprah will reveal the keys to bringing true, lasting grace into your life, here and now:

July 13 – August 4, 2015

Register for the FREE 21-Day Meditation Experience: Manifesting Grace through Gratitude!

Grace is the benevolent, powerful, unwavering energy of the universe that guides you to the best version of yourself. When you shift into a state of gratitude, grace opens itself to you – it responds in turn by bringing you even more to be grateful for. Your day-to-day becomes increasingly effortless, more enjoyable, and more vibrant. It is a blissful, life-affirming state of being that is available to everyone, all the time.

Join us on this illuminating journey of the heart to discover the secrets to making gratitude an effortless, joyous practice that infuses each moment with the wondrous power of grace and invigorates every dimension of your life. It’s easy and free to embark on this joyful new journey.



FREE Global Meditation for Compassion


The Chopra Center’s Second Annual Global Meditation will broadcast around the globe. Tune in from anywhere in the world to participate in the largest meditation gathering in history. Hundreds of thousands of people from nearly every country in the world will join together in meditation to spread compassion. Will you join us for the Global Meditation for Compassion?

July 11, 2015

9am PDT: Register FREE Today



Lolë White Tour in Whistler

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The 2015 Lolë White Tour is a tremendous yoga session dedicated to peace where everyone is dressed in white. This year is is the 4th year in Montreal (where Lolë is from), and now it’s being taken to a next level, as an international tour:

Whistler, Canada – July 18 join at Olympic Plaza with 1500 yogis
•Montreal, Canada – August 8 at Place Jacques-Cartier, Old Port of Montreal with 6000 yogis
•Toronto, Canada – August 22 at Fort York with 3000 yogis
•New York City, United States – September 2 at Central Park with 10000 yogis
•Los Angeles, United States – November 7 at Santa Monica Pier with 1500 yogis
•Paris, France – See Photo



Wanderlust Whistler


Wanderlust Whislter brings together a remarkable group of yoga and meditation instructors, musical performers, speakers, artists and chefs for a transformational retreat at Whistler Blackcomb resort in Whistler, British Columbia.This is an experience that will get into your mind, body and soul.

July 30 – August 3, 2015

Schedule & Tickets: Contact Eventbrite

Regardless of what starts you on your path, Wanderlust is an experience that will leave you different than when you came — with new ideas, new friends, newly-discovered abilities, and greater peace. Find your true north!



Summertime Concert with Patrick Bernard & Karnamrita DASI


Make some sweet memories this summer and come to hear some of the most delicious voices of kirtan performers who grew up in the Bhakti traditions. Their voices and “being” carry the deep love for the divine. Patrick Bernard: 22 Albums, 5 Gold Records, Karnamrita DASI: Best Song of the Year, Patrick Bernard: 22 Albums, 5 Gold Records, Karnamrita Dasi: Best Song of the Year, Pete McCormack, Mystical Poet MC Jeffrey Armstrong along with Special Guest Musicians, Stefan Cihelka-Tabla, Raamayan Ananda & more…

Wednesday, August 5, 2015 – 7pm-10pm

Tickets $20 – $52: Contact EventBright with discount code: LoriCharko

St. Andrew’s Wesley Church
1012 Nelson St
Vancouver, British Columbia



Sacred Chant Concert with Snatam Kaur in Vancouver

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Snatam Kaur is one of the most popular New Age artists of our time, selling over 70,000 albums a year! Experience her concert live in Vancouver, Canada:

Friday August 7, 2015 – 7:30pm

Tickets $30 – $60: Contact BrightStar Events

St. Andrew’s Wesley Church
1012 Nelson St
Vancouver, British Columbia



Green Tip – To Purchase Local or Organic?


The decision to buy organic or local foods can be confusing and the answer is not a simple one. In this article Is it Better to Buy Local or Organic Food? you can see there are pros and cons of both options. So if you have questions like ¨Is it better to avoid food miles and just buy locally?¨or ¨What is the 100 Mile Diet¨ then you can lighten the decision making load by reading about this online.

Overall, it seems if you want local food, buy local and if you want organic, buy organic. Often, buying organic will help the local farmers. Just be conscious about what you are buying, as there is inevitable power in what we do collectively. If you can buy local and organic, brilliant! Farmers´ markets that sell produce direct are often are local and organic, and there you have the opportunity to ask more questions.

Enjoy the fresh vegetable and berry season that is upon us, and have a fantastic Canada Day!