June Views - Making Time for YouMake time for you with ‘Rituals’ in your daily life. Rituals have been shown to promote more organized and productive behaviour, and may be the only way to get important things done! It is said, that adding a conscious routine of daily exercise creates an unconscious string of events that take on a positive life of their own. If this is true, then wouldn’t it be extra special to include yoga as a ritual? Develop your home yoga practice to slow down and manage being more present. Incorporate more yoga exercise into your schedule, and make room for all that you love in life.




Develop Your Home Yoga Practice

Developing Your Home Yoga Practice with LoriThese yoga sessions are great for students who have some yoga experience and want to deepen their practice. Learn how to build a safe and balanced combination of postures for your own yoga practice at home, while vacationing or when working on the road. Practicing yoga is a life long venture that can be done anytime, and virtually anywhere!



Mom & Baby

Mom & Baby with Lori Join us this July for a Hatha Yoga class and explore postures and breathing exercises in a welcoming environment for you and your baby. You will improve your endurance, flexibility, and pelvic floor movement in a fun and safe space. Celebrate being in a community with other Moms & babies. 

Mondays July 4  – July 27
11:00am – 12:00pm
4 Mondays plus 1 Wednesday for $ 54.00 + HST

Wednesdays July 4 – July 27
11:00am – 12:00pm
4 Wednesdays plus 1 Monday for $ 54.00 + HST


Green Tip

Green Tip One of the simplest ways to be more “green” is to implement changes in our gardens. As we set out to get our hands dirty, instead of using expensive pest control products, opt for a more natural and plant based option. Some of the best fertilizers are in fact the by products of the garden itself! Save dead leaves, grass clippings, branches, old roots and weeds to build a hefty pile of organic goodness. To speed up the decomposition process, layer fresh plant material from the kitchen and dry organic soil on top (making sure to keep your compost moist and well aerated). Soon, you’ll have a medley of organic material to nourish this years growth. To check out a few companies who are blazing this trail, try or You’ll find a variety of natural products to keep pests at bay and ensure your garden is green, both inside and out.