Making Sense of ScentsThere is something so soothing about the scent of a newborn. The comforting and intoxicating smell of a baby’s face quite often has us craving even more of its freshness. The aroma of Johnson’s Baby Products is not what I’m referring to, but rather the natural scent of a little ones skin.

The skin, the human body’s largest organ, doesn’t smell sweetly forever. With the help of a healthy diet the skin will constantly renew itself, however the rate of regeneration slows down considerably as we age. Along with the deceleration of new skin cells, adults tend to contaminate the skin with perfumed products. Deodorants and lotions quite often contain perfumes which are very destructive to the natural functioning of our bodies. Ironically, instead of improving our hygiene, the overabundance of chemicals and toxins contained in these products actually causes headaches, eczema, allergies and other ailments. Sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes are clear indications of an instant allergic reaction – an immune response to foreign particles in the lungs.

In yoga class, we are consciously working to improve our breathing and lung capacity. So we’re reminding students to please refrain from using scented lotions and perfumes when coming in for a class, while staying considerate of personal hygiene. Not all natural products work for everyone, and they often need to be switched up. To make more sense of scents, check out Ecoholic by Adria Vasil.

Many Blessings,

Lori & Staff at Body Harmony

P.S. Our little Tika took her first breath on Saturday, January 29th at 10:05pm (the day after the last newsletter was sent). Thank you for the collective breathing everyone!


Green Tip

Green TipAs we continue to develop a deeper sense of awareness, we foster an awareness and concern for our local and global environment as well. Daily habits such as using re-useable grocery bags, travel mugs and recycled paper do so much for the well-being of our planet and gives truth to the phrase, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” These simple actions surmount to profound positive change on a global scale; the rate at which non-biodegradable waste accumulates is reduced, and creatures and critters are less likely to ingest bits and pieces of garbage. Re-useable bags are not just for grocery shopping, but for clothes, shoe and other miscellaneous shopping trips too. Another idea to try, either re-use the plastic bags for loose produce (ie. apples, yams, onions, etc.), or invest in re-useable mesh bags to hold your fruits and veggies!

So as you relax, rejuvenate and re-new, remember the other 3 R’s as well: reduce, reuse, recycle.