MARCH VIEWS 2012 – Serenity Now

New.110131Since reading The Four Agreements Companion Book years ago, it continues to serve as a great reminder of the following:
1. Be Impeccable With Your Word
2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
3. Don’t Make Assumptions
4. Always Do Your Best

A tough act to follow, but where there’s a will there’s a way! For now though, I would like to bring attention to the third agreement: with this bit of wisdom, we have the ability to transform many things.

At a glance, we often judge and miss the real beauty in someone or something. It’s when we actually look into someone’s eyes and listen, that we see their inner beauty and begin to understand them. With that lovely connection available all around us, imagine moving through the front door at 972 Marine Drive, walking up the stairs and finally settling into the studio. There too we are rewarded with connecting to that innermost beauty.

The peacefulness and bliss of Body Harmony Yoga is still there and it intends to be for years to come. I love what we have created and will do everything possible to make it grow for the community. Although it may not always look exactly how we imagined, it will surely hold all the heartwarming beauty and serenity we need. If we look within, be patient and trust in ‘what is’, we will see that everything is unfolding as it should for our highest good. Quite often, things turn out even better than we imagined!

Please enjoy the ‘Serenity Now’ sale on at Body Harmony. We are offering all our valued students the 20 Class Flexi Pass for $200, with a 6 months expiry. This offer is good until March 11/12.

Wishing you all peace and Body Harmony.


Lori Charko

Btw, March 4th is the completion of the Journey of Our Hearts! Please put your stickers up by March 10th, as we will make the draw for 6 Months Unlimited Yoga on March 11/12.


Student Of The Month


Congratulations to Paula Bohan! As Student of the Month for March, we would love to recognize Paula and thank her for the dedication and loyalty to our studio over these past few years. She has been thriving with the Journey of Our Hearts and Lori has enjoyed having her in class every week for the ‘chakra flows’.

When asked about her experience here at Body Harmony she says, “I had been thinking about joining a yoga studio for a while, and I was intimidated by some of them – I felt too out of shape. I knew I wanted to do Hatha yoga, not hot or flow or power yoga. I finally joined on a 9-week $99 special, because Body Harmony had regular gentle classes. By the end of nine weeks, I had tried several different instructors and was confident enough to go beyond the gentle classes.

I found Body Harmony very welcoming, and the studio is so serene. I am completely hooked and yoga is a very regular part of my routine! I think it is good for my mental and physical health. I handle everyday stresses better and I feel stronger when doing other sports. I encourage all my friends to try yoga, and some of them have incorporated it into their lives too. I expect to be doing yoga forever!”


Fall Yoga Retreat & Cleanse


Come and join us this fall for our 14th Yoga Retreat and Cleanse! Our location is the beautiful Xenia Sanctuary on Bowen Island. Enjoy the amazing scenery, get back in touch with nature, and reconnect with yourself during our extra special classes in the yoga yurt. The retreat includes 3 nights shared accommodation, delicious vegetarian meals, several yoga classes and relaxing sitting meditations.

October 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th 2012.

$465.00 plus HST ($100 Deposit due at time of booking)

Final Payment due September 4th 2012

Retreat Orientation Friday September 21st at 8pm.

*Ferry Transportation not included. Carpooling Offered.

Preregister Now!




Yoga is all around us. It is everywhere, in everything, and in everyone. It has even made its way onto the big screen in the vivid and enriching film “Yogawoman.”  This groundbreaking story takes us around the world and demonstrates how as women, we can fall back into harmony with our divine femininity and the power each of us holds inside.

Join in for a screening of the film and silent auction, with proceeds going to the Shanti Uganda Society

Tuesday February 28th – 6pm.

Location: Denman Cinemas

Check out more information about the film at the Yogawoman website.


North Shore Hospice

The North Shore Hospice would appreciate our support in donating some much-needed equipment and supplies. With limited government funding, they are asking for help accumulating items that would aid in the comfort of the residence and their families. Together, we can all make a difference in our community, and the lives of others.

Click here to see what items are needed.



Make sure to redeem your Groupon by March 8th to take advantage of the 10 class pass! If you don’t happen to redeem before the appointed date, you can still use its monetary value towards a new pass at Body Harmony! You can ask at reception which option would be best suited for you.