MAY VIEWS – For the Love of Yoga

.facebook 1914681051.161115I was standing very close to the edge of a cliff, ready to jump but assessing where it was safe. Feeling fear, I mustered up the courage and then remember landing with some discomfort. But I made it! Then, before you know it I was standing up there again. This time, with a small group of people explaining how to clear the obstacles and make the jump. After everyone jumped, even though I had every intention of jumping with them, it was obvious to me that I had no desire or need to jump again?! This was a very vivid and peaceful feeling; this was my dream. When I awoke, I wasn’t certain if the strong feeling was about my decision to discontinue hosting group tours for awhile, or if in fact, it was related to opening another studio? The dream affected me greatly over the up and coming days…

Wouldn’t you know it, a couple of days later this Note from the Universe appears: “When fear speaks, Lori, it’s always wrong. Game ON.” Seriously, I felt like the all knowing energy understood some of my fears about standing on the edge of the cliff again and it just wanted to give me a little push. But which fear did I need a little push with? I believe now that the dream was about hosting group tours, as I feel solid about directing the energy needed for that into more productive things. It seems then, that the thing I fear and need a push with, is opening another studio. The desire for another yoga space has been minimal, and at times doesn’t even seem necessary. As well, I am down right scared of getting myself into another situation where I need to sell a mountain of yoga passes to pay the rent. The conflict within me then, is mostly around ideas of integrity, responsibility, self worth and commitment.

Living here in Peru has been great for many realizations. Another, is that I’m no longer very interested in motivating people to join me for yoga. If they want it, great! (I am always happy to share my love of yoga). Otherwise, so be it. When people are attracted to what you are do and believe in your efforts, you can all move forward with a sense of enjoyment, grace and ease. However, when you feel like you need to convince people of the benefits of yoga, health and/or your business, the road is long with many obstacles and it is simply draining. Thus, if I DO decide to run another yoga studio, the spiritual assembly needs to be larger than the last. (Note to self: Getting into yoga business with only your husband probably isn’t the best idea). If YOU have a love and passion for yoga, like to share it with others and are great at marketing, then please let me know. Also, as most teachers know this venture is about service, so it’s important to have a strong desire to commit to elevating the community. Since it takes a very special team of individuals to make a studio successful, it is my hope that the response to this global invitation may bring more ‘light’ to yet another big decision.

Yoga love and Happy Mother’s Day!

Lori Charko


Yoga by the Beach is ON for 2014!

Yoga by the Beach classes will happen at John Lawson Park in July of 2014! Lori will be back in West Vancouver for Mixed Levels Hatha Yoga instruction for JULY ONLY (no class July 1st). The classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30am -11:30am weather permitting (we will be there even if it is cloudy but not if it’s drizzling or raining). Please bring a yoga mat and beach towel, along with some sunscreen. Arrive at least 10 minutes early, especially if you prefer a spot in the shade. Class fee is $12 cash or you may use your BHYS pass if you have classes pending. Do join her for this opportunity to reconnect, lift your spirit and get in touch with nature. Lori is very excited to return to Vancouver for these teachings and will look forward to seeing you then!


Green Tip – Safe Sunscreens

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has an extensive list of approved sunscreen products including some Aubrey Organics, Aveeno and Jason products. Check out this link before you smear and slather the stuff on this spring and summer. Please note that SPF’s higher than 50 are minimally more protective than 30 or 45, thus you still need to reapply often, especially if swimming or sweating up a storm.