MAY VIEWS 2012 – May We Honour Mother’s

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The first few years of our life, we are completely dependant upon someone to care for us. Most often that primary caregiver is a woman. A clever Oprah quote reads, “Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother”. What I take from this today, is that mothering goes far beyond bearing a child and that bearing a child doesn’t necessarily make one a mother. Most biological moms have that innate and expansive ability to give unconditional love to a child (and do), and all women have a natural potential to be motherly and to nurture others.

To cultivate this motherly seed, women need to take care of themselves. The belief that we need to take care of ourselves before we can properly take care of others, is not new. What is new at Body Harmony, is a yoga pass created to help women do this. For the month of May, Body Harmony is honouring all women with a TLC Pass. This 4 Class Pass is good for all regular classes and is priced economically at $40 plus tax with a one month expiry. So ladies, show up for the class of choice a little bit earlier than usual or call the studio and ask reception for the TLC Pass. You may wish to purchase more than one! We extend this welcome to all female students, but aspire to see those who haven’t been to Body Harmony in a while.

With the new signage outside the building, it is evident that relocation is very probable. Although nothing has been confirmed, we are looking for a new space keeping in mind the excellent feedback from the Spring Surveys! We are excited about all the possibilities that the change can bring, with an intention to keep the studio about the same size and in the same area of North Vancouver. Thank you to everyone who gave their precious time to share thoughts and feelings about our special studio, your remarks were most encouraging. And congratulations to Joyce Mahy, whose name was drawn to receive one free month of yoga!

Have a great Mother’s Day and a wonderful Victoria Day weekend.

With blessings,

Lori Charko


Student of the Month


Congratulations to Paula Campbell, Student of the Month for May! Can anyone guess where this lovely single gal has been hiking in this photo? Ms. Paula is a bubbly, bright eyed student whose calming and gentle presence can be felt by those around her, in and out of the studio. When asked to say a few words about her experience with Body Harmony she said, “Body Harmony is a beautiful, non-intimidating studio with graceful and dedicated teachers. I have learned a lot from them, and have learned to be lighter in my approach to daily life, and work life. I think the studio helps build a strong sense of community and belonging which is hard sometimes in the busy and fast-paced lives we all live.

Yoga also helped me build back my physical and mental strength after a significant back injury a few years ago. I am grateful for that, and very glad I persisted with yoga.”


Fall Yoga Retreat & Cleanse with Lori Charko *New Dates!*


September 20, 21, 22 & 23rd 2012

Come and join us this fall for our 14th Yoga Retreat and Cleanse! Our location once again is the tranquil Xenia Sanctuary on Bowen Island. Enjoy the amazing west coast scenery, and while surrounded in nature reconnect with yourself during our extra special classes in the yoga yurt. The retreat includes 3 nights shared accommodation, delicious vegetarian meals made with love, five rejuvenating yoga classes and peaceful meditations, as well as a silent retreat for two of the nights.

$465.00 plus HST ($100 Deposit due at time of booking). EARLY BIRD BONUS $50 OFF PRIOR TO MAY 31st!! Final Payment due August 20th/12.

*Ferry Transportation not included. Carpooling Offered.

Call 604.929.YOGA to secure your space or Register Now


Whistler Yoga Conference


If you are looking to expand your knowledge, deepen your practice, or build up your sense of community in the yoga world, you may want to check out the 3rd Annual Whistler Yoga Conference. Share, connect, and grow over a weekend filled with inspiring classes and teachers geared towards, “being the change we wish to see in the world.” There are several different workshops and seminars to choose from, and all levels are welcome.

May 4th – 6th, 2012.

Click here for more information.


Workshops with Jennifer Jordan

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Core Salutations

In this workshop you will learn an efficient and effective routine to Connect to your deep core muscles and build overall strength. You will also detoxify your body while burning excess stress, tension and fat through the intention, creation and amplification of internal heat from your core center leaving you feeling invigorated, centered and strong.

Sunday May 6th

12:30pm – 2:30pm

$20 + HST – Preregister Now!


Ujjayi: The Breath of Yoga

When you learn to breathe “ujjayi”, also known as “the ocean breath”, it takes your yoga practice to a whole new level transforming your practice and your life. This amazing breathing practice balances and calms; relieving stress, anxiety and frustration by soothing the nervous system and calming the mind. This workshop is the perfect starting place to cultivate and support your breathing practice and help you begin to use it every day.

Sunday May 27th

12:30pm – 2:30pm

$20 + HST – Preregister Now!

Spring Cleaning!yogamat.153704

It’s that time of year again! Spring always brings with it a sense of clearing; we clean out our houses, our closets, and our yoga space! This month, we would like students who have private mats here at the studio to take them home and give them a good spring clean. If your name is not clearly visible on the mat, please label it before returning it to its home at the studio. Since we feel some of these mats have been stagnant for quite some time, any mat whose owner we cannot identify will either be sold or donated to a good cause. Thank you for aiding in our little cleanse and helping to keep the studio tidy and organized!