May Views - A Moment for Mother'sThe experience of motherhood changes pretty much everything, especially the perception of Mother’s Day! On that one day in May that is designated to honour the mother, it now seems to me that cards, flowers, jewellery and humble words of thanks are somewhat insignificant. How can one possibly begin to acknowledge the never ending nurturing nature of a loving Mom?

It’s true that I now look at people differently. As I hold my daughter and type with one hand, I realize that we were all babies once, and from the moment we arrived into this world someone had to care for us. It’s a special ability to be able to extend one self to a child while sleep deprived, and at the same time prioritize the necessities of household duties and possibly even a career.

With great reverence (and likely a card or flowers) I will do my best to show gratitude to my dear mother this month. I absolutely would not be where I am today, nor would I be able to accomplish what I do, without her. Thus, when I do take a moment to meditate upon all this, it will surely be a spiritual one.

Blessings to All Mama’s & Namaste

Lori Charko


Green Tip – Mother Nature

Green Tip - Mother NatureIf you have been unsuccessful at bringing your family into the studio, you can encourage the benefits of clean air and deep breath, with the peaceful power of Mother Nature! It’s spring, so get outdoors in Mother Nature as a family and make it fun! It might take a little organizing, but making a day of outdoor activities such as hiking or biking could become a rewarding team effort. With a camera and snacks in hand, it’s more fun than you think. If met with resistance, it never hurts to come up with a treat or goal that the whole family can enjoy when you’ve completed the activity. Here is a list of the top 5 family trails on the North Shore ranging from scenic routes to challenging treks.