NOVEMBER VIEWS 2011 – Ahimsa

DSC 0574 Copy.105615A well intended yogi friend said to me recently, “I can’t believe people don’t know what this means!” I had an inner smile because we were referring to a concept taught to us at a very young age. The concept was Ahimsa, a Sanskrit word which means ‘do no harm,’ and implies that non-violence is vital to a peaceful existence. Without getting into where it originates from in the sacred Vedic texts, let’s just say it is a term that reminds us to respect and take care of ourselves and others. In essence, to steer away from thoughts, speech and actions that hurt us and this earth we live upon. Anyone who has read to this point would agree that the practice of ahimsa is key to a safe and happy Halloween. (If you are going to give out treats, perhaps give healthy treats!) Its days like these we might have to choose ‘the lesser of two evils’, however, on a daily basis we can always find a way to deepen our relationship with ahimsa, making the world a better place. One budding entrepreneur is doing just that by bringing more awareness to non-violence and other important elements of yogic philosophy through clothing. The t-shirt sported in the photo here is a sample of this clothing. Learn more about  8limbyogashirts at the booth we’ll be sharing at the Yoga Conference next weekend, or look to the December Views for more details.

Peace & Bliss,


Btw, please ‘fall back’ with the clocks on November 6th to be timely for all your Sunday events! And kindly forward our information about the $99 Fall Serendipity Sale to all your friends!


Student of the Month

November2011AnneLeadercropped.150925Congratulations Anne Leader! When asked to comment on her experience at Body Harmony, we were so inspired by her feedback, we wanted to share her entire poetic take on yoga. “Teachers who inspire their students by excelling at their profession and sharing their knowledge with patience, generosity and grace are a rare treasure. Combine teachers who radiate these qualities with the sacred environment of Body Harmony Yoga, and you have a recipe for something magical to occur – transformation of the highest order. As I walked through the front door of Body Harmony for the first time, this combination immediately began to work its magic on me. I quickly morphed from feeling awkward and self-conscious, to knowing I had just landed in a safe place where I was welcome and could begin to explore the extraordinary world of hatha yoga. It didn’t take long for the awesome power of this ancient practice to make its presence known as I felt yoga’s healing energy working on and through me on many different levels. Half a year later, the transformation to this point has been so thorough that being pain free and at ease with my body has become my new normal.”

“Another element that enhances my experience at Body Harmony is the students. Without question, yoga is a deeply personal journey. However, when a room full of committed students are enthusiastically putting forth great self-effort, and enjoying themselves in the process, a wonderful feeling of camaraderie is created. The supportive energy generated by this group dynamic is tangible, and I thankfully drink it all in.”

“To Lori, fellow students and trusted teachers, with great respect and hands in anjali mudra, I bow to each of you. May the gift of yoga, passed down from ancient Masters and living on through the dedicated teachers of present day, continue to flourish and enrich the lives of people everywhere, including those with the good fortune to find themselves in the room with the blue carpet. Namaste.”


The Vancouver Yoga Conference

YOGAlogo2.134418If you are looking for a little yogic inspiration, or are curious as to what hundreds of yogi’s do when they get together for a weekend of fun, check out this year’s Vancouver Yoga Conference! Held at the Vancouver Convention Centre from November 4th- 6th, broaden your yoga experience and get connected to your yoga community. With over 20 senior and international teachers offering a diverse background of styles and experience, there is something for every yogi to tap into their inner student. Come down to check out the stalls at the floor show, connect with other yogi’s, or catch a two hour workshop with a teacher of your choice. Click here for a FREE PASS to the floor show at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Enjoy!


Meditation Exploration with Lori Charko

This meditation class will explore several different styles of meditation to help calm and focus your mind, and bring more energy into your life. Learn techniques to be present and in the moment, as well as inspire spirituality  through appropriate breathing and visualizing. Meditation or dhyana is one of the eight limbs of yoga leading to a path of enlightenment.

Sunday November 20

12:30 – 2:30 pm

$20 + hst