OCTOBER VIEWS 2011 – What is Your Passion?

DSC 0427.213303Yoga is my passion. Simply stated, regardless of the question, yoga is usually the answer. It seems there is always a way to bring some element of yoga into a conversation. Feeling anxious? Do Yoga. Not sleeping? Breathe and meditate. Wondering about what direction to take your career? Dedicate your yoga practice with the intention to find guidance, then repeatedly ask yourself ‘what brings out the best in me?’

In those raw and quiet yoga moments, you can recognize your passion within you! Passion has energy. You will feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. Then, you can use that burst of energy or excitement to move you through those things that hold you back from what you want. There will always be obstacles that try to get in the way of your happiness, so keep the big picture in view! When you need that bit of motivation to get you past the small stuff, remember what fires you up. Whether or not YOU love yoga, when you find a style and teacher that suits your lifestyle, you’ll tap into the answers of all life’s questions.

THANK YOU everyone for your support and contributions to my passion. Especially those fellow teachers and students who continue to grow with the studio and get involved with its random acts of ‘community’. (If you purchased a raffle ticket for the schoolhouse in Peru, you will enjoy this heart warming video of the ceremony announcing the winner of the free trip for two).

Many blessings to you all this month of Thanksgiving. Please note, the long weekend class schedule is slightly changed as per usual.

Love & Light

Lori Charko


Student of the Month

LaurieBeveridgeOct11resized.132259Congratulations Laurie Beveridge! What a lady. Since 2006, we have enjoyed her presence at the studio and find it so rewarding to hear how positive a role the studio has played in her life. She writes, “I remember the day I came to Body Harmony to join the $99 special. Needless to say, I was hooked! There has always been a sense of community and sincere interest in encouraging you as a person, to be in a healthy place for yourself. All the teachers help you to find confidence in yourself and to listen to your heart. What stands out the most for me, are all the messages I hear that bring serenity to the demands of daily life. Whether it is a poem, reading or thought for the day, each teacher has a wonderful way of expressing their wisdom. I feel very grateful to have Body Harmony in my life, with Lori and all the wonderful teachers. I look forward to many more years of this journey and to seeing you there!”


Yin Your Yang with Michele Labelle

MichelleNamasteresized.121156Are you stressed? Tired of being tired? Yin your yang with stretches and yoga poses to find deep relaxation. During this afternoon, Michele will assist in opening your mind and body by playing her Tibetan bowls and using aroma and colour therapy.  These tools along with a series of yin postures will allow connective tissue to release in the hips, shoulders and neck, which will help you unwind and promote healing. You will also enjoy meditation during the session, which brings peace of mind and a better sense of control. After this workshop, anytime you feel stressed or anxious you will have new tools to assist you in obtaining the deep relaxation.

Saturday October 1

12:30 – 2:30 pm

$20 + HST- Preregister Now


No Fear Yoga with Nara Henderson

NarasWorkshop.1335421.204337Come join me in this dynamic, fun, safe, supportive community environment where you can tap into your deepest inner strength and find tools to overcome your fears in your practice and off the mat! We will explore some of the more challenging physical postures including backbends, arm balances and inversions that may have invited your curiosity. We will play with the physical asana, exploring our capacity to be fearless, and integrate the experience into our bodies on a cellular and energetic level with guided meditation and pranayama. Be prepared to explore, have fun, be curious, and SURPRISE YOURSELF! You will come away from this workshop feeling more fearless and having tried something you’ve never tried before! All levels welcome.

Sunday October 2

12:30 – 2:30 pm

$20 + hst


Prenatal Yoga for Couples with Martine Fox

images1.195556Experience an interactive workshop where you will bond to your baby and your partner, while celebrating this amazing stage in life! Tap into inner courage, awareness and gain invaluable knowledge for conscious labour, childbirth and parenting. This practice guides couples on an intimate and empowering journey of self-discovery and owning birth space.

Saturday October 8

12:30 – 2:30 pm

$20 per person + hst


ABC’s of Infant/Child CPR with Michele Labelle

MomBabySummer2010007.204443Learn the basic life saving techniques of CPR and removal of an obstruction for kids under 8 years old. DID YOU KNOW the #1 reason for doing CPR in infants is choking (0 to 1 year)? And the #1 reason for doing CPR in children is drowning (1 to 8 yrs)? Michele Labelle worked as Respiratory Therapist at BC’s Children Hospital for 16 years in the ICU and special care nursery. She brings her experience to teaching CPR in a fun and realistic approach to saving your child’s life. Please read the white pages of the telephone book (pp. 26-28) on safety and come with a teddy bear (or small doll) and piece of paper and pen.

Saturday October 15

12:30 – 2:30 pm

$20 + hst


Shiatsu Massage for Couples with Kendall Dixon

ShiatsuMassageforCouples.155918Shiatsu is an energetic healing system that reduces stress, alleviates pain, stiffness and improves the functioning of the immune system. In this series you will learn a simple yet effective Shiatsu sequence for the back, legs and arms. Emphasis will be on proper hand technique, appropriate pressure and some energetic awareness tools. The meditation tools Centering and Grounding will also be taught. The benefits of working together as a couple and learning to have appropriate connection and boundaries will be discussed.

Sunday October 16

12:30 – 3:30 pm

$45 per person + hst

Sunday October 23

12:30 – 3:30 pm

$45 per person + hst


Recharge and Heal with Jennifer Tindale

RechargeandHeal.155546Is there any time left for you? Are your calendars full and your to-do lists never ending? Give yourself permission to relax and recharge during this healing two hour Restorative Yoga workshop. As your body is supported by various props your mind will have the opportunity to calm. With each deep inhale and exhale, areas of tension have the chance to soften; a moment to realize and acknowledge the power we each have that allows us to create significant change in our bodies. This is where the healing work truly begins, which makes this practice particularly wonderful for those recovering from injuries.

Sunday October 29

12:30 – 2:30 pm

$20 + hst