OCTOBER VIEWS – A Conscious Effort Yoga

.facebook 1984454683.094730Sheer determination. It can get us through some interesting times with yoga! The extent to which we really want or desire something is the degree to which we can move through states of discomfort and challenge. However, it is natural to be attracted to a life of comfort. We usually desire to be comfortable with our dwellings, both our place of residence and our human body. As well, we wish to be comfortable with our thoughts. Although the latter is less obvious, we really want to be clear and at ease with our thoughts, as it will determine how we will take care of our dwellings.

Let’s understand the significance of ‘taking care’ in all respects of the phrase. In order to take care and become truly comfortable, we need to move ourselves through states of discomfort. For example in yoga, the poses literally move and challenge us on a moment-to-moment basis in order to make us feel better. When we are in the initial learning stages of yoga, we don’t usually feel great while doing the postures and the mind can be quite busy. In this case, we are rewarded after the pose or sometimes after the class. As we practice more and learn to be receptive to discomfort (not pain, but discomfort) we are immediately rewarded with positive sensations while in the postures. Through this stage and the more advanced stages of yoga, our thoughts have been tamed and we physically enjoy the practice more fully and completely. Challenges are even welcome!

There are limitless examples of how we will be rewarded with homeostasis (internal comfort at rest) after appropriately exerting ourselves. Being conscious enough to realize what changes and acts of determination are needed to keep us in a state of homeostasis is a blessing. May we all hear the mind and body’s call to shift, either in a pose or in daily life.

In a broad sense, sheer determination is how I managed to keep a small yoga studio in North Vancouver open for 10 years. Now this same drive is helping me learn Spanish! It doesn’t come easily but I am finally getting it. In a more immediate sense, as I type this first draft of the newsletter at 3 am what I really desire is sleep. Next time, may I make the conscious decision and have the willpower to avoid the dessert when my body is already full.

Take care. Have a safe and enjoyable Halloween weekend. Peace and Body Harmony to us all.





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30 Days of Gandhi Community Project

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