OM For The Holidays Hatha Yoga

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Lori is back in BC and happy to share Hatha Yoga Heaven in a special space with a spectacular view of North Vancouver. This short series of classes will help us connect with our true PEACE within, so we can focus on prayer and positivity for a better world. If your heartfelt concerns are of war, homelessness, or are perhaps simply of being together with family over the holiday season, let us collectively come together with the intention of PEACE. This state of being begins within each and every one of us, then continues to spread to the family, community, country, and entire globe.


When: Saturdays 10:30-11:45 am (Nov. 21, Dec. 5 & 12)
Pre-Register (12 Spots):
Use your existing BHYS Pass or Pay in Cash: $15 (Including Tax)
Show up and settle in 15 minutes early: 237 Rondoval Crescent