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My life purpose and business have unfolded under the umbrella of Body Harmony Yoga, and it is about personal wellness which comes from the fulfillment of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. I believe that learning to balance these needs through the science of yoga can lead one to a life of health and happiness.

Over the last two decades I’ve been amazed at the growth within myself, and my community through owning a yoga studio, teaching yoga, and being a leader of the North Vancouver Yoga Community.

I never expected Yoga to be the key that would open people up and then guide them to change their lives! This was my personal experience and what I have seen in countless others. Now, it appears to be my dharma or ‘intrinsic nature’ to share the teachings. I feel I’ve been chosen to teach, lead and help others grow through the practice of yoga. Whether it is through physical postures, breath work, mindfulness practice or a deeper understanding of yogic philosophy, I believe yoga offers so much for the betterment of humanity.

With a sensitivity to the personal needs of those in my group classes, the teachings have evolved to be more therapeutically based. At times, that means holding a safe space for students in the group setting to explore whatever surfaces on the mat, and other times it is about one on one work towards better wellness utilizing all aspects of yoga.

I’ve found the answer is quite simple: just do the practice with self awareness and everything will sort itself out.

I connect with earnest students and new teachers because I can relate to where you are. There have been obstacles and mistakes, but I have learned to move gracefully through challenges and grow as a teacher. So whether you just want to feel more confident in your yoga practice, or you are a teacher working to establish your personal voice with creative classes, I believe I can guide you. As a mentor, and teacher of teachers, I’m here to help you on your unique journey.

Being a mom has also taught me a lot about priorities, distractions, limitations and unconditional love. I have a special place in my heart for mentoring women and supporting you through the journey of loving yourself and honouring who you are. Motherhood is challenging and everyone needs support. I’m here for you if you are looking for guidance to fulfill and live the life you’re meant to live.

Yoga is a path towards freedom and continual self-investigation. I look forward to sharing the journey with all who are open to explore harmony of being.

Lori Charko,
Founder of Body Harmony