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Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring! This is the first year in more than a decade that I have remained in Canada for ALL the seasons. Although Canada is where my family prefers to be, the allergy season in Vancouver is usually the time of year I get the ‘fever’ and want to be any where else.

So this week, the mantra that helps me appreciate where I am is “I nourish the universe and the universe nourishes me.” It reminds me to give gratitude and kind thoughts to the air that sustains me. Even when affected by allergens, using this mantra brings a feeling of acceptance and reciprocity with Mother Earth. As I love and nourish her, along with family, home, yoga class, private clients and other people around me, I feel content that I am doing something positive for my environment.

As it is Earth Week however, there is also heightened awareness about my families carbon footprint. We carry on each day with the hope that everything we need will continue to be provided for, yet we REALIZE that the abundance will not last forever if we are not more careful. We can always do better and there is an increasing need for us all to pay more attention to how we are using the earth’s resources. How do we do that? First, we educate ourselves so we can care for the earth in whatever capacity we are able. Then, we chose to be mindful and make the most sustainable choices whenever possible. This will lead to kindly sharing our sustainable ideas with others and likely getting involved with community or global projects.

Canada is my home and native land and regardless of current allergies, I feel very fortunate to live here. Along with this privilege, I chose to bring environmentalism to the forefront. And as I prepare for the “15th & Final Yoga by the Beach” the eagerness to do something about climate change grows stronger. I have loved the Yoga by the Beach classes since I started them, before opening Body Harmony Yoga Studio in 2002! Even when living in South America for 3 years, I made an effort to return home each summer to teach them. However, with all the unpredictable weather, last summer the weather was not appropriate on our days (nor the night before) and it was the worst season ever for class cancellations. Then I started to wonder if the class had run its course? I nearly put an end to the program already, but upon great contemplation have decided to have faith in the midst of uncertainty, and give it one more season. Global warming is evident, but earth, moon and sun salutations will be honored. Please see below for details about the program featuring a new Unlimited Outdoor Yoga Pass. In the meantime, truly BE outdoors and reciprocate with the earth. She is generous, beautiful and full of life.


Lori Charko


Let Earth Week fuel you to do more for Mother Earth! You are being challenged to the following: Wednesday: Walk & Roll! As much as possible choose to walk, bike or take city transit.
Thursday: Litterless Lunch Day! If you are making lunches… be mindful to not use plastic and pre-packaged handy snacks. If eating out, only purchase food items from sustainably conscious restaurants (ie. avoid food that is presented in containers that need to recycled or in the garbage).
Friday: Fearless Planning! Share your sustainable ideas with others and make a plan to step up your game for….
Saturday, April 22nd: Earth Day 2017. Lights Out Day! You are being encouraged to turn off lights and other electronics during the day to save some energy. Just be more GREEN!


One way to nourish the earth with positive vibes and appreciation, is to practice yoga outdoors. We invite you to join in for the final season of Yoga by the Beach this summer at John Lawson Park. Mixed Levels Hatha Yoga classes are June 20th to August 31st. They run Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 to 11:30am weather permitting (we will be there even if it is cloudy but not if it’s drizzling or raining, so do check the online schedule by 9am the morning of class if you are uncertain of the weather). Please bring a yoga mat and beach towel, along with some sunscreen. There is plenty of parking but arrive 15 minutes early to pick your spot in the sun or shade. Class fee is $15 cash upon arrival OR you may advance purchase an Unlimited Outdoor Yoga Pass for $45 prior to May 19/17. Contact for this great Mother’s Day gift idea or for you to simply enjoy these outdoor classes yourself. Lori looks forward to celebrating her last season of these classes with you, so we hope to see you and your friends there!

Eagle Gazing

Eagle gazing at John Lawson Park. Summer 2016.