SEPTEMBER VIEWS 2013 – Lessons in Detachment

Big or small, lessons in detachment arise often. Like ‘miracles’ which some of us believe appear frequently, ‘lessons’ are visible if we are open to see them.

My husband was scheduled for a business trip to Lima for a week and he wanted my daughter Tika and I to go with him. This was very last minute and within 24 hours, we would all go and stay with the in-laws for a good part of the week. Although it would have been easier to stay home, I thought about the family and friends we would see, the date nights with great restaurants and movies, and also about the rest and relaxation with extra help at hand. So, flights were booked and paid, bags were packed, necessary people notified and the hired help for the house was paid and released. Since it wasn’t a planned trip, the fresh groceries purchased the night before also needed to go. So with the maid, out the door they went.

Then just before dinner, our little Tika got quite sick. The entire evening was about vomiting and diarrhea; not even a little water or soda cracker could be held down. Every 10 minutes she wanted to puke, go to the washroom or desperately drink some water (which just wasn’t going to stay down). She was so weak and whiney it was breaking my heart. I felt helpless and then certain we would not be travelling the next day.

We didn’t get but a few hours sleep that night and the next morning I said good-bye to my husband as he left for the airport. I had fully accepted my fate of staying home with a sick child, but couldn’t bring myself to unpack. It then dawned on me how quiet my birthday was going to be this year.

Tika, on top of being drained, was sad about not going in the airplane to see the grandparents. Although she was a bit low about all this, her color was back in her cheeks and I marvelled at how the sudden turn of events left her content. With only two and half years of age, I had recently seen her ‘let go’ of several things that she could have easily held strong attachments too. Things that I, only years ago, would have found quite difficult to accept.

Most parents and guardians know the feeling, the feeling they get the moment their child realizes a special toy has been lost or their child has been disappointed by another. In that moment of empathy for the child (while hoping they won’t react strongly) we are given the opportunity to ‘let go’ with them, and ‘trust’ that all is well. This month, for the reminders to detach and accept, I can say Tika was my teacher.

Here’s to trusting that lessons are divinely given, and thus used to guide us in this thing called life.

OM Shanti



Peru 2014: A Spiritual Journey

With the desire of sharing yoga and the amazing country of Peru, I have tailor made a group tour to bring yoga students from Canada, here to South America. Yes, YOU can experience the special vibe and energy of Peru in March 2014! If you have been wanting to come to Peru, now is a great time to join my husband and I for this special journey. We would love to be the ones to introduce the ancient culture, unique food, colorful people and plentitude of spectacular landscapes. There is still space for this package which offers Lima, Cusco, Lares Trek, Machu Picchu, Urubamba and so much more. We encourage you to check out the the 12 Night Itinerary and the Testimonials from the previous group tour in 2009. Further more, since pictures say a thousand words, open Facebook for new Photo Albums postings of India 2006 and Peru 2009. For pricing information and booking details please email Cheryl at Uniglobe Vision Travel or call her at (604) 688.5835 (ext 2487). This journey is like no other and it awaits you!


Green Tip – Closet Cleansing

Regardless of the time zone you’re in, it’s likely a good season to do some cleansing. This is in reference to a thorough ‘catch and release’ of those unnecessary items in your closet. Old shoes, coats, suits, sweaters, and you name it! There are probably a few things in there (and stored in other nooks and crannies of your home) that would be better off with someone else. Haven’t used something in one year? Give it a bit of thought and if you can see yourself using it in the near future, I suppose keep it. Haven’t warn something in 2 years? You probably need to put it in the charity pile. What? It’s been 5 years since you’ve noticed this thing? Toss it and feel good about it! There are many charities in your local area that will gladly receive all kinds of items. If you live in North Vancouver there is The Salvation Army, Big Brothers, The Diabetes Foundation and the North Shore Women Centre just to name a few. Closet cleansing is a great letting go practice; a great practice in detachment.