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Happy Holidays! My family salutes you from a warm climate, with this photo taken a few weeks ago near our home, after the first snowfall of the season. We enjoyed an amazing evening of snow shoeing, sledding, skating as well as visiting Santa, knowing that we would not see a white Christmas where we were headed.

Whether the climate be warm or cold, Christmas for us is traditionally spent with family and close friends. As we carry on with this tradition which has us in Peru this year, I move through the holiday season conscious to enjoy what IS. As much as I wish to re-experience memories of the past and sometimes dream ahead into the future, making the most of our short visit here involves being fully in the moment. One of my long time favorite sayings is “Presence is your greatest gift” and this is a perfect reminder for me now. If my being in this country is to bring any amount of peace, love or joy to anyone, then the best thing would be to listen in every moment. “The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.” Thich Nhat Hanh

If you are spending the holidays with family, friends or perhaps quietly alone, may you find a way to experience the peace, love and joy in it. It is my hope this message brings a sense of comfort to your chosen surroundings. Comfort in knowing that at any time you can bring yourself to soften and then open your heart to the centering thought “I rest with comfort and ease in the present moment.” From this space, you can be the love and happiness that you are. You deserve to experience this. Now and always.

In writing this, my 3 year old Peruvian niece asked sweetly in Spanish if I was writing to Santa Claus? So cute! Are you able to connect to this childlike curiosity and magical spirit of the holidays?

Love & Light,



A New Website for Body Harmony Yoga

Happy New Year! Life continues to evolve and although we can plan for the future, we never quite know what a new year will bring. It was not in my plan to spend half of 2017 looking for a different home in North Vancouver, doing renovations and then moving in, just in time for a new school year. However, the motivation to achieve this was fueled by the possibility of creating a yoga space within my home. It is will great pleasure that I can now offer Private Therapeutic Yoga in a warm and relaxing setting, as I wish.

How did this happen? After the studio closed in 2012, my intention was to start working on a new website in 2014, regardless if a new studio would come to fruition. The website did NOT start within that timeline and the studio did not happen either. It took quite a bit of time to get clear with my full purpose, set my intentions, follow through with my studies and then find the locations for which teaching yoga classes and privates could happen. Having a few group yoga classes in place, and one location of which I could host private sessions, I finally started my new web page early this year. Now, another location where I can host private yoga has just been an added blessing. This is all better than I dreamed. I can better balance the caring for my family, my clients and of course, myself.

This journey felt long, but in hindsight was only a few years of my life. May this extended journey invoke in you, a feeling of optimism. A sense of possibility in all that you dream and desire. It takes time, determination and the ability to give yourself “the gift of meditation”. Connect to who you really are and to what you really want, and without a doubt you will be happy to let life unfold as it should.

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