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The One-on-One Experience


Why choose the One-on-One Experience?

There are a variety of reasons to choose private yoga attention. One, may be that you have been practicing yoga for years in a group setting but you are not getting full benefit from the classes. In a group format, it is challenging for the teacher to address the individual needs of each of student as everyone is unique. Also, contrary to the long-time practitioner, perhaps you are new to the age-old wisdom of yoga and are wanting to learn how to prevent or manage illness? Virtually anyone who enjoys yoga can benefit from the guidance of a personalized yoga program designed to fit their current needs.

What is Yoga Therapy?

I believe all yoga is therapeutic, but these private sessions take the approach of looking at an individual (you) as an integrated whole. That means that consideration will be given to ALL aspects of what makes you who you are. The physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of yourself all need to be functioning harmoniously for optimal wellness. Health and body harmony are enjoyed when you learn to maintain balance of these intricate systems. It can be said that Yoga Therapy is about empowering people to help themselves, by applying the teachings and practices of yoga.

How can I arrange a private session?

With respects to private yoga sessions, it is very important to have the right connection with your teacher. You may contact lori@bodyharmony.ca to arrange for a Complimentary 15-minute Phone Consultation to assist us in determining if we are a good fit.

How much does a private therapeutic session cost?

For the first time private session and subsequent follow up sessions, a small investment in your health is required. Please see Private Yoga Packages for details on pricing.

If I am new to yoga, is a private therapeutic session suitable for me?

Therapeutic yoga is beneficial for everyone, especially for the beginner who is open to change and ready to help themselves. 

I have tried to do yoga with my injury and limitations, but it is painful. Would yoga therapy help?

There are definitely aspects of yoga that can be drawn upon to facilitate healing when an injury is involved. It will likely be a combination of yoga stretches, physical exercises and meditations that will encourage its progress. When an injury has manifested however, the process of unraveling it can take some time. Injuries do not usually happen overnight, as your system has likely been niggling you to attend to its needs for ‘some time’. Thus, it is best not to look for instant results and gratification. If you are ready for self inquiry and self help to ultimately get to the root of the cause, then you are likely a great candidate for therapeutic yoga. Please know, that Lori may also encourage the support of other health care professionals. You may contact lori@bodyharmony.ca to arrange for a Complimentary 15-minute Phone Consultation to assist us in determining if she is the right person to guide you.

Where are the yoga sessions held?

The options for the location of where sessions are best held would be discussed during the Free Phone Consultation.