A Time for ChangeEnergetically, there is a feeling of change here on the West Coast. In September, students go back to school, schedules shift, and there can be a sudden chill in the air that comes with the autumn changing of the trees. The parks are noticeably more quiet, fruit stands close and Yoga by the Beach wraps up for another year.

In our family, we are welcoming the fall with yet another big adjustment. The anticipation of a little baby girl this January, means big life changes for my husband and I! Now, years of intention and preparation bring us to this amazing place… an exciting and sometimes scary place of unknowns. But here we go! We’re working together to continually balance families, careers and all the things that are most dear to us.

Body Harmony Yoga has added some different and exciting Wellness Workshops and classes. So please peruse the website and take a moment to book a session which will naturally move you towards growth and change.




Fall Yoga Retreat & Cleanse

Fall Yoga Retreat & CleanseThe Bowen Island Retreat & Cleanse at Xenia Sanctuary is going ahead this spring! Secure your space for a refreshing weekend that will include:

~ 3 Nights in Shared Accommodations
~ 3 Cleansing Breakfasts
~ 3 Healthy Vegetarian Lunches
~ 2 Delicious Vegetarian Dinners
~ 5 Yoga Classes & 5 Sitting Meditations

October 14th to 17th, 2010
Thursday 8pm to Sunday Noon
$100 Deposit due at sign up. Final payment due one month prior to departure
Retreat Orientation Friday October 1st from 7:30-8:30pm.


Green Tips

Green TipsWhen you’re going through a particularly stressful or anxious time, pampering yourself is an amazing way to bring more joy and peace into your life. By using pure and natural ingredients in your home spa treatments, you will decrease the amount of chemicals in your life and you increase your sense of calm and serenity!

Add sea salt, seaweed or algae products to your bath. These will stimulate blood circulation, help your body excrete toxins and tone your skin.

Use lavender, eucalyptus, rose, lemon, or tea tree pure essential oils in a steam shower. These scents help to calm your nerves.

Apply mud or seaweed to your skin to draw out any impurities and hydrate your skin.

Create a natural scrub with a mixture of olive oil and salt or sugar to remove dead skin. Gentle exfoliation will give your skin a glow, and you will also be able to enjoy the massaging aspect of the therapy too.

Massage your feet and hands with a calming essential oil such as lavender, melissa, chamomile or rose. You might be surprised how many sore spots you have on your hands and feet.