Yoga by the Beach 2010 3

With so much happening on the home front, this years Yoga by the Beach season has definitely snuck up on me. Having been in the midst of selling our home and of course buying another, it feels like I am entering a territory all too familiar to many of my readers! We chose a home located in our same general area of North Vancouver, but it is in need of renovations. As of yet, the anxiety about the renovations and move have not been transformed to a feeling of excitement, but rest assured it will sink in and the challenge will be welcomed. This is a transition stage for the betterment of lifestyle and family, and although everything is still in alignment with my personal desires, I do need to continually check in with respects to the ‘why’ and ‘for who’? With a little luck and a whole lot of divine guidance, the up and coming beach classes shall be shared with the usual sense of lightness and grace.

Next week, the outdoor yoga classes at John Lawson Park kick off once again! Mixed Levels Hatha Yoga Classes are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 – 11:30am, Jun 20th to August 31st (excluding the 1st week of July and the 2nd week of August). Please note that we are there even if it is cloudy but not if it is raining or if it has been raining heavily the night before. If the climate looks uncertain, it is best to check the schedule and obtain the class update, which will be posted no later than 9am the morning of class. Bring a yoga mat and beach towel, along with some sunscreen to arrive 15 minutes before class. There is a lot of parking however it is good to arrive early to pick your prime spot in the sun or shade. The classes are $15 cash with tax included. Do share this email and information with friends and family who may be interested. I very much look forward to celebrating this final season with you. Have a fantastic summer and I hope to see you there!


Lori Charko