Class Styles

Online Hatha Yoga Flow

These online live yoga classes are attentive to mindfulness and the core while slowly flowing in Vinyasa-style from one posture to the next. It is open to students of all levels however students with a foundational yoga practice will find it more enjoyable! Easy variations of a pose are taught first, followed by more advanced options for those who are looking for a more challenging practice. You will experience a well balanced flow to stretch and strengthen your body, as well as practice pranayama (purifying breath work) and meditation. What students say about the classes: “I love the convenience!”, “It feels private when I want to shut off the camera.”, “That was just what I needed…” and “There is a sense of community and I enjoy the connection with others.”

Hatha Flow for the Core

This yoga class moves slowly through a flowing sequence that integrates the lengthening and strengthening of core muscles, from the inside out. Learn proper breathing mechanics as it relates to the natural movement of your body, and experience the feeling during postures and meditation. Attention will be given to breath awareness, improving your spinal alignment and keeping the muscles of the torso balanced. It is open to all levels and welcomes those wanting to get back into the practice of yoga for the sake of long term health and vitality.

Restorative Yoga 

Restorative yoga takes the traditional Hatha yoga practice and modifies it in a way that makes it more accessible to anyone in any stage of physical fitness. With the use of yoga props and supports, the body has the chance to explore and experience the benefits of yoga. For those students who perhaps have been intimidated about yoga before, feeling that they were just not ‘flexible’ enough, have a new opportunity to work where they can learn to stretch passively and yet deeply in the context of restoring their bodies. This style of practice also greatly benefits those with an active lifestyle allowing the body to begin to ‘let go’. No previous yoga experience necessary.

Yin Yoga

A deep physical discipline of yoga that enhances nourishment and strength of the meridian system (unseen pathway that continuously flows throughout the body, carrying energy and blood throughout the entire network). Holding simple Hatha yoga poses for extended periods of time (usually between 3 to 5 minutes) can allow stretch beyond the muscles to create greater flexibility in the connective tissues between the joints. Often the poses are quite basic, but an extensive mindful hold in them allows for the opening of these ‘energy channels’ to maintain a harmonious balance of body, mind and spirit.

Yoga Therapy or Private Yoga

In person or online Yoga Therapy or Private Yoga designed to support your current needs. Based on your wants and needs during the personal assessment, we will find meaningful postures, breath work, visualization, mantra and/or meditation techniques to improve your health and lifestyle. While practicing the yoga and self care, empowerment to the client is promoted in order to help instill a personal practice. Whether your intention is to include more yoga at home, join online group classes or to eventually find suitable group classes in your area, these personalized sessions will guide you there with a focus on mindfulness.