Lori is such a gifted yoga teacher and yoga therapist! Her Friday morning classes have been a highlight of my week. It’s an online class that builds such friendship and community. Lori’s classes are a beautiful mix of learning, moving, having fun and increasing my knowledge of my body and all the facets of yoga. As a yoga therapist Lori was hugely instrumental in helping me recover from hip replacement surgery. I highly recommend her❤️

Tracy Lynch, Powell River

I recently reached out to Lori after a shoulder injury prevented me from doing any activity. I was looking for a recovery plan that was gentler on my body and hoping to create some daily rituals. Lori’s approach has been considerate, compassionate and complete. She is an amazing resource! We have worked not only on the physical body, but also mindful meditation. I still have so much I can learn from Lori and I look forward to continuing this journey.

Dana Hirst, North Vancouver

I had been practicing hatha yoga for several years but with semi retirement and a change in residence my practice stopped. I had a career that had me behind a desk so my back and posture were becoming an increasing problem. I reconnected with Lori and learned that she had been trained in yoga therapy. We discussed my problems and she assured me that she could help. Lori built a program specific to my issues and we went to work. It has now been six months and with her progressive program I have had improvement in my physical condition. The body awareness has allowed me to focus on specific areas of need. Lori and I spent an hour a week connecting on Zoom (COVID). This coupled with a few in person visits kept me on track and allowed for the feedback that Lori needed to adjust the program. I believe the commitment to a weekly session allowed me to get the most from the program and establish habits that have continued to serve me. Lori said she could help and she did. I am most grateful.

David Cant, Sunshine Coast

I remember Lori’s calm and centred energy from many years ago and connected with the same feelings when attending a recent retreat. She has a beautiful way of making me feel at ease and a remarkable talent of creating a safe container in which to practise and feel at home on the mat and in my body. I instantly recognized the style of yoga as the same, however, I did see a calm and beautiful wisdom that comes only through life experience and personal growth. I had forgotten how beautiful her voice is and how grounding her energy feels. Add in the infectious smile and easy warmth and it is pure yoga bliss. I felt instantly welcome and had a lovely sense that on the mat, that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. This was the first in person group activity since Covid and I had forgotten how powerful practise with others can be, how palpable the energy can become when focussed by a skillful teacher. Thank you Lori, from the bottom of my heart and hope I can join you on the mat, in person, again soon. Namaste

Laura Brace, North Vancouver

I have had a steady yoga practice for over 20 years but lately was experiencing strain in some areas of my body which concerned me. I wanted to have a private therapeutic session because I knew I needed some individualized attention to check my alignment, postures and general movement. This kind of assessment isn’t available in a group class. I chose Body Harmony because of Lori Charko. Lori is a genuinely warm and compassionate instructor who I have always had complete trust. Her passion for yoga is alluring, her knowledge of the body is impressive and her encouragement is empowering. I now have an individualized routine to do outside of my regular classes that targets my areas of weakness. I learned so much in my first private session and look forward to a follow up. Having a private therapeutic session was the best decision and my guarantee for continuing a safe yoga practice for years to come.

Jane, North Vancouver

I met Lori a couple years ago. Her daughter was a student in the classroom I was working in. Lori came in one afternoon to do a session of yoga with the students. I had done yoga in the past, many years ago, and was very impressed with how she worked with the students and I knew just then that I wanted to pursue yoga with her. I was dealing with a shoulder injury at the time and trying to recover from that, but more importantly, I was dealing with my hubby’s illness of Early On Set Alzheimer’s disease.

My words do not seem adequate, and I cannot express how very grateful I am to have Lori as my yoga therapist. Her knowledge, nurturing support and encouragement have been immense! With Lori, I have learned to heal physically from my injury, but I am on a continuous journey of healing spiritually and in my heart. I would have to say one of the most important aspects that I have learned through Lori and yoga, is to breathe! Breathe through those more challenging poses, and to breathe thru life, whatever it throws your way! I know I can just take those deep, cleansing breaths in my poses and in my life. Namaste.

Tracey-lee, North Vancouver

I had undergone a complete right knee replacement four months before being introduced to Yoga Therapy online with Lori. I have been very rewarded with more strength, support and increased flexibility. I was doing physiotherapy however Yoga Therapy, I believe, benefited me even more. She is very attentive to what your daily routine consists of and literally helped me with the proper way to get out of bed in the morning and put weight on my knee to being cognizant of what my body was doing during my golf swing. She taught me the importance of proper breathing and being “aware” of my body as well as to constantly hydrate fascia around my surgery. The poses and stretches she taught me have been helping me immensely. I highly recommend that should you have aches, pains, or are recovering from an injury or other stressors in your life, you enjoy an hour of Yoga Therapy with Lori, and you will NOT regret it!

Kenny Russell, Nova Scotia

I have been attending Lori’s Yoga classes for the past couple of years, and I often heard about Lori’s private therapeutic yoga class in there. I decided to try out a therapeutic session as I was feeling uneasy in my digestive system and my chest as a result of distress and grief I was experiencing during that time. During our 1.5 hr session, Lori helped me connect more with my body and mind and designed for me a daily yoga plan which would help me with the pain and uneasiness I was feeling in my body. At home, I tried the postures and movement flows, which Lori had written for me on a piece of paper, for 2 weeks and the symptoms magically disappeared from my body. I am very grateful for Lori’s professional help! She is amazing! I strongly recommend her private therapeutic yoga class as I know it works miraculously and fast and you can always practice her notes on a daily basis or when you experience similar symptoms in the future. Thank you so much, Lori!

Nas, North Vancouver

Last year I broke my wrist and required surgery and physiotherapy to recover. I was unable to do yoga while in recovery. Once I was cleared to go back, I didn’t, I was too nervous. I lost my confidence to practice, unable to figure out how to use my wrist in poses, worried I would hurt myself. Then I was given an opportunity to try yoga therapy. Lori is amazing. She takes the time to understand where you are in the moment, listens to your needs and then guides you through a practice to get you to where you want to be. She respected my fear but guided me through my hesitation and taught me how to go into poses using my wrist. I left the session with newfound confidence and a proper understanding of how to continue my practice. Yoga therapy with Lori is a perfect addition to my practice, I look forward to many more sessions.

Mary, North Vancouver

About a month ago my 15 year old son agreed we would try yoga to see if it would help with his hives. He was feeling very nervous about potential flair ups in public, in addition to being generally uncomfortable about COVID and social interactions. I can tell by listening to Miles that the things that Lori discussed with him have actually helped him become more self aware. He knows yoga will help and has said that he is feeling more confident after each session. The breathing exercises and affirmations were a good place to start for mental health, and the slow implementation of standing yoga poses has him learning to listen to his body and notice when the heat may be aggravating the hives. He now has ventured out by himself for quick bike rides and has been pretty much hive free! He also went up and down the Wreck beach stairs with his dad yesterday and also a long walk through the endowment lands, also predominantly hive free! Then yesterday evening a friend of his, and his dad, showed up at our door for a backyard visit, and from what I’ve been told, it was also hive free! I honestly feel that it’s because of Lori! I believe, even if it may not be on a regular basis, doing his mantra has been helping, and each little step that is successful leads him to the next one. I’m feeling very hopeful! Thank you Lori!

Deb, Vancouver

My husband and I attended weekly private yoga sessions with Lori throughout my pregnancy. We always looked forward to our weekly sessions with Lori. We love that she tailors her sessions specifically to us with specific themes and mantras each week. Her sessions were beneficial to us both physically and mentally. Since I was pregnant, Lori helped me feel prepared and empowered for the birth of my daughter. She would even bring me birthing books, prenatal recipes and music! We are looking forward to starting back up with Lori postpartum:)

Kayla Pope, North Vancouver

I have attended Lori’s hatha yoga sessions at the Yoga Root and instantly clicked with her yoga style. She puts a lot of thought into the themes in her classes, and I find they always resonate with me. This inspired me to book a yoga therapy session with her. Her yoga therapy was even better than her yoga class. She took the time to put me at ease and to ask me what I wanted out of the session. She then proceeded to tailor the entire session to my needs and left me with a plan/routine to incorporate into my daily routine. I highly recommend booking with Lori and am looking forward to another session with her soon.

Michelle, North Vancouver

I began my yoga journey with Lori two years ago. As a beginner I was a bit apprehensive starting yoga at age 60. What a wonderful experience! Lori encouraged me and the other students with waves of positive energy. During the pandemic I continued to do Zoom classes with Lori and enjoyed our sense of community. Thanks Lori.

Rockford Samborski, North Vancouver

Lori is a wonderful, caring teacher with a sensitive and passionate heart. She loves the knowledge and understanding that a yoga practice and yoga therapy can bring to a person, and is so willing to share her energy and experience with her students/clients. She has been my teacher for many years and I trust her completely. I always appreciate her guidance.

Laurie Beveridge, West Vancouver

I have known Lori since the beginning of her Yoga career before she had opened Body Harmony, there was a great connection with her from day one. After many years of going to her classes at Body Harmony (Yoga Studio) and Yoga by the Beach I became addicted to yoga and enjoyed the mind and body connection. The last couple of years (after a bad fall while hiking) I started having issues with my back and hip and I needed to have private sessions and I chose Lori of course to help me realign and do the right postures for myself. Lori has been very helpful at what my body needs and I follow what she gives me and do them at my home and meet her every now and again to see how everything is going. I love her new little yoga space.

Takuhi Sedefci, Vancouver

Lori Charko leads a most wonderful healing hatha yoga class, she is a favorite teacher from my 20 plus years of taking yoga classes!! Lori leads a thoughtful flow class that she plans carefully keeping in mind her theme for each class as well as considering the individual students needs and concerns prior to the class beginning. Lori has been most helpful with my posture/alignment issues while very gently assisting with corrections in a very considerate manner. I have also had the wonderful experience of one on one therapeutic yoga sessions with Lori, she is most knowledge and reads her students bodies strengths and weakness and providing the tools to assist in healing oneself.

Carol Hummel, North Vancouver

I started my yoga training with Lori when I was healing from a serious back pain. I could hardly bend or turn. Lori was very patient and attentive and made each practice suitable for my situation. Her experience of personal training and her knowledge and support has allowed me to understand my body better and to delve deeper into my practice. She always emphasized healing, learning and acceptance – teaching me that yoga is not just the pose but how we live our every day lives and the choices we make allowing me to better understand my mental, physical and spiritual limitations and how to work with them. After some private sessions with her I gained my flexibility back and now after less than three months I am doing group yoga with more seasoned yoga practitioners. I have found my private classes with Lori invigorating, challenging and based on my body, both mental and physical. I definitely recommend her as an experienced, compassionate, lovely teacher.

Fariba, North Vancouver

I attended the “Awaken your Spiritual Warrior” Yoga Retreat with Lori on October 31st/21. It was a great class – two 90 minute yoga sessions, each one different, as well as a meditation and journaling part. The afternoon yin session was the perfect way to end the day and set us off home with clear minds and nicely stretched muscles. Lori was engaging and enlightening – she made us all at ease immediately and her voice continued to nicely and gently guide us throughout the day. She offered various levels of yoga poses which was beneficial to those of us that hadn’t been to one of her classes previously. Would join this workshop again! Thanks Lori!

Ang Mackie, North Vancouver

I really enjoyed the Awaken Your Spiritual Warrior retreat, taking the time out for myself with a group of likeminded people, especially yourself. I enjoyed the slow pace of the practice and even the Yin. I thought the place was warm and clean and modern and was fascinated by the roof but that is just me! I really like your pace of teaching and you teach from your heart. I don’t ever feel that you are forcing yoga rather than introducing. My take away was that our spirit is eternal and after done with our body moves on. Really connected with that. Thanks Lori. Namaste

Paula Artley North Vancouver

Seeking relief from the impacts of a stroke, I decided to try Lori’s private Yoga Therapy sessions. I hadn’t done yoga in years and I was nervous about trying again. Immediately, Lori’s supportive and non-judgemental presence put me at ease and I knew I had made the right decision to start Yoga Therapy with Lori. Lori has helped me to believe in myself and move into a new relationship with yoga. In the private sessions, it has been a joy to go at my own pace and to learn new things about my breathing, posture and alignment. In the initial session, Lori drew upon her wealth of knowledge and experience to create a unique daily yoga practice that suited my schedule, my abilities and my needs. In follow appointments we work together to make sure that I am completing the routine in a safe, effective and fun way. Having 1:1 support holds me accountable to my practice and helps keep me motivated to continue. Yoga therapy has been life changing for me. Thanks to Lori’s customized yoga routine, I now have the power to improve my health and well being. Through just 30 minutes of daily practice, most of the symptoms I’ve dealt with for decades have healed. Because of the individualized daily yoga practice, I no longer experience muscle pain, migraines or fatigue. Thank you Lori from my heart.

Megan Kaart, North Vancouver

I thought going to Lori Charko for private yoga lessons was just going to be that, Private Yoga Lesson twice a week. Boy, was I wrong! In the last month my whole world has changed for the better. I’m doing my yoga practice every single day at home since we started. With Lori listening to my words, I’m more energetic, more motivated and feel more alive to do more with my life. I even bought a keyboard and started learning how to play piano. Lori is not only an amazing yoga instructor, she’s my yoga therapist.

Rochelle Eker, West Vancouver


Lori was very thorough and I greatly enjoyed my first (ever) yoga therapy session with her. She communicated effectively, and offered poses with an excellent “homework” program suited to my lifestyle. She was good with time management, as well as knowledgeable with muscles, the spine, ligaments and breathing techniques. I would see her again!

Anonymous, Vancouver

I’m a big traveler and my trip to Peru with Lori was one of the best of my lifetime. It was the perfect combination of culture, adventure, trekking, yoga, sightseeing, fun and friendship. Lori organized the trip flawlessly. We had the benefit of her outstanding yoga classes to keep us fit and grounded. I can’t imagine a better experience to explore the mysteries of Peru.

Lois Nahirney, North Vancouver

My trip to Peru with Lori was more fun than I ever dreamed it would be. Our yoga group adventured on Inca trails, canoed in lush Amazon jungles and was awestruck by the majestic Machu Picchu. Plus doing yoga in sacred places really connects you with Pachamama (Mother Earth). Having also gone to India with Lori, I knew I could trust her splendid organizational skills and dedication to making the trip enjoyable for all. Travel with Lori and enjoy the experience – you’ll love it!

Dan Kells, Victoria

The trip to Peru with Lori was one of the most memorable experiences of my lifetime. It was truly a trip where words can not do justice. In a nutshell, our trip started in Lima and continued on to the Amazon jungle, a unique opportunity which let me experience the jungle up close. We spent 5 days in Cuzco for acclimatization before embarking on the 3 day Lares trail towards Machu Picchu. The scenery on the Lares trek is spectacular with very little tourist crowds: we passed thru many Quechua villages where we were greeted with red cheeked children looking for gifts of pencils, notebooks and chocolates. We met the locals who are mostly llama herders, got invited into their one room homes where the guinea pigs scurried along on the dirt floor of the house. Meeting the locals gave me an incredible insight into the life in the Andes: one becomes envious of the simplicity of life on the highlands; it is an experience that is missed on the Inca trail. All the time on the trek, we were in the company of llamas and alpacas (sometimes up close and personal). Walking into the ruins of Machu Picchu before dawn is undeniably magical. This place will always call me back. We finished off our Peru adventure in the beautiful resort of Willka Tika with its beautifully appointed cabins, organic food, landscaped gardens, professional staff and relaxing yoga sessions with Lori. Lori was a great leader, 100% professional and very well organized. On this trip I was accompanied with a handpicked group of wonderful people, with whom I have since hiked and traveled in other parts of the world. I highly recommend the upcoming tour organized by Lori to anyone thinking about exploring this incredible part of the world.

Loretta Karakas, Vancouver

Lori’s enthusiasm and love of Peru made our trip the most delightful and magical experience. She shared her knowledge, passion and appreciation of the culture, people and spirit of Peru. I am truly blessed to have enjoyed this holiday with Lori.

Diana Brown, West Vancouver