With the onset of shorter days and cooler nights, here on the West Coast we feel that hint of change. Energetically, it’s wise to prepare the body and its system for the fall and winter ahead. Practices such as cleansing the diet, moving the body through Hatha and Yin yoga, and partaking in regular chanting sessions are all stellar for optimizing our energetic flow. For some, it seems quite obvious that diet and exercise will move blockages from our…     Read More


If we had more time, we would spend extra hours with people we care for, play outside more often, read things we enjoy and revel in all that we value in life. It seems that in this day and age, as we accept more responsibility, there is less time devoted to balancing play, love and work. We all make varying choices to juggle these needs. However if somehow, someway, we could each have more time for ourselves, wouldn’t we want to…     Read More