Sacred Moments

  We are closing 2021 with contentment and optimism for a new year of learning, challenges and commitments. Having just returned from traveling to spend the holidays with family in Peru, we feel blessed to be home, safe and sound after a relatively smooth trip. Moving around internationally has become quite complicated (bless my husband for completing all the technological travel details), but we had overall relaxing time which included some much needed ‘light therapy’ and ‘sacred moments’. Our world…     Read More


BC Retreats

Yet another changing season is upon us. With so much going on in our minds and in our hearts, it is necessary to rein in the energies of summer. And since hibernation is not a great idea for humans, it is my hope you find a feeling of connection and support within family and community. With more folks working from home, the hours spent commuting can allow for more time and energy towards self care. Perhaps rekindle those nourishing practices that…     Read More



It is National Indigenous Peoples Day. With more awareness of how government and religion have shaped the lives of indigenous peoples, I would like to dedicate these words to our First Nations people of Canada. May we find a way to walk with you in the hope of reconciliation and collective healing. With vaccinations rolling out, we can have a new sense of optimism for the coming months ahead. It is a first world choice to vaccinate or not, but we’ll all…     Read More


Yoga Therapy for Love

May sharing these feelings of rebirth be of some use, or at the very least stir some feelings for you to ponder. The other night before a deep slumber, I simply asked for my dreams to “show me something”. Well, ask and you shall receive! The dream that night was vivid, and in a moment of fear I awoke to consciously process it. In processing those naked, raw and dark images, it brought up emotions related to both death and…     Read More



Resistance. We all know about it. It is like the two weeks prior to hiking The Stawamus Chief, where my daughter worried and whined that she would not be able to do it. Or like the two years prior to my Yoga Therapy course, where I routinely convinced myself that surely someone or something would sabotage the completion. Do these limiting self beliefs and thoughts sound familiar? They certainly do not serve us well. To rise above our negative self-talk,…     Read More


Wow. This is an interesting time of change and uncertainty. The world is watching and waiting for messages that will bring more clarity to a situation that has brought upheaval to many. With the privilege of having electronics we are doing our best to inform ourselves, however, often we spend too much time looking ‘out there’ distracting ourselves from what is most important. This is the time to be honoring our innermost selves, our true selves and then connecting with family…     Read More


                        This year I turn 50. Although I do not look or feel half a century old, there are telltale signs! Energy levels are somewhat different from the 30’s and this is one human sign of aging to be considered with the addition of nearly 500 hours of Yoga Therapy studies, which have been incorporated to my 2019 schedule. It is a bit intimidating, as I am keeping the group yoga classes previously implemented and I will continue to welcome…     Read More


                                      Today I write for my own wellness, but with the hope that the timing of this message will resonate with even one person. Vocalizing these words feels futile, so let this be a journaling journey where perhaps some wisdom will come of the quiet moment. Wisdom that I trust is within, and ready to surface to the conscious mind telling me ‘what really aches’. With mild tooth…     Read More


Namaste and Happy 2017! May it be better than 2016. Life ebbs and flows, thus if the wave of last year was in ebb, look forward to the flow of this next wave to shore.  Last year was not the best for me, but last week I graduated from the Foundations of Yoga Therapy Teacher Training. It was an amazing experience that was enjoyed immensely and it provided another period of growth through learning, friendships and professional development. If you have ever been to India, you…     Read More