Body Harmony Yoga

Wow. This is an interesting time of change and uncertainty. The world is watching and waiting for messages that will bring more clarity to a situation that has brought upheaval to many. With the privilege of having electronics we are doing our best to inform ourselves, however, often we spend too much time looking ‘out there’ distracting ourselves from what is most important. This is the time to be honoring our innermost selves, our true selves and then connecting with family and friends close to us. Literally spending quality time with those in the home, and then reaching out to family and friends if we have the means.

Even though not everyone feels affected by the invisible and destructive virus (of which I will spare you in naming), we hope for a shift in consciousness that will at least have them wonder what this all means ‘to me’ or ‘the family’? Then, perhaps see the forest for the trees? We are all in this together, and collectively, if we chose to learn from this situation, there is opportunity for a shift towards a new normal. Whether the shift be individual or global, let’s settle into ourselves and do our best to get the big picture. Staying home as much as possible and doing your part to keep physically distanced from others is the opportunity to slow down and raise your level of consciousness.

We all have different levels of being open and ready to accept how this global situation will alter our lives. Having said that, we can all ask the same questions to remain grounded and calm: What are the most nourishing practices for me to be healthy? How can I gracefully adjust to all the change? Who and what can I draw upon for strength, so that I can be a part of the solution? Is there service I can provide that is safe for myself and others around me?

If online support is needed for inner calm, there are so many resources to choose from. Some of my wonderful colleagues have been able to extend themselves, thus I offer those links below. But be careful not to get distracted! As I say to Tika, “No hocus pocus, focus!” Many of you can relate to the circumstances of keeping kids at home and cared for (i.e. well fed and off electronics as much as possible), which does not allow for a lot of extra time. But after one week of social distancing and spring cleaning, I am ready to extend myself in the best way I know how, with yoga. It is my intention to offer an online Hatha class this Friday at 9:30 am on Facebook Live. Tika may join in and I do not how it will look, but it is intended for you to get moving indoors (not for sitting and watching please). If you like to follow along with a bit of my world and thoughts about it, I typically share weekly posts on Facebook as well. So please ‘Like’ the page if you haven’t already done so and join in for some yoga if you can. You will see below that I am also offering private yoga therapy online for the month of April.

We cannot control what goes on outside of ourselves, so let us focus on nourishing our inner worlds to bring light to those things we can control. Mother earth has sacrificed herself so we can have luxuries like electronics, so let’s use them wisely. I see her healing from the relief of automobiles, airplanes, and factory emissions and hope we too will revel in this time of renewal. YES. We’ve got this!




The student clinics for private Yoga Therapy sessions at the Vancouver School of Healing Arts are temporarily being held online, thus I welcome you to connect with me if you would like some uplifting support or guidance to be reminded of the best practices to keep calm and centered. Until the end of April, the one on one sessions are offered via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp. They are by donation with a suggested rate of $30/hour and availability is limited, until September 2020. Although this offering is quite different from my usual hands on approach, it feels right to adjust the practice with the times. Please email if you are interested and have any questions.


Chelsea Lee 4 Part Breathing Meditation

Natalie Rousseau Metta Loving Kindness Meditation (Audio)

Nicole Marcia Trauma Informed Yoga to Heal the Nervous System (Video)

Teresa Campbell Kundalini Yoga for Resilience​​ (Video)

Jeff Grace Yoga for Swimmers (Video)

Oprah & Deepak 21 Days of Meditation Finding Hope in Uncertain Times (Audio)


Enjoy at least one meal a day with the family. Here is a fun recipe to prepare with others, as you make believe…


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