Body Harmony Yoga

“I don’t have the spirit of Christmas,” was what she said, as if wondering what was wrong with her. The tree was up, gifts were wrapped, Christmas concerts were realized, and the letter to Santa was even sent. All the Christmas music and outer preparations abound us would not bring about the happy vibes of years gone by. I can imagine there is a lot to consider regarding holiday traditions, for a little one living in a multicultural city with a plenitude of friends and relative ease of access to information around her. Questioning what one believes comes about for all of us at some point, so as parents, we prepare ourselves for this ‘loss of innocence’ and ‘lack of luster’ for mythological characters. There is a definite shift in the year it doesn’t make sense to your child that a man over 1700 years old is making his way around the world to drop off a gift at her place!

So how does one resurrect a sense of hope and faith for someone who, within a matter of a few weeks decides there is no such thing as Santa or God? Since I am her guide and building trust in one’s personal core beliefs can be so life-affirming, this was not a subject to take lightly. Having faith and optimism in things you cannot see or always understand is very important for the foundation of one’s true happiness. We all have the freedom to choose what we want to believe and can toss away anything that doesn’t serve us or the good of all. But I feel the time has come, to help establish the sense that there is something greater than us (a source of unseen energy) that we can access for our health and happiness, any time we choose.

Since my life has evolved from being that kid and teenager who sat on the couch entertained by other people’s lives, never sure of what to believe for my own personal truths, to becoming a decisive woman who will not let doubt and fear get in the way of happiness, I want to encourage those who may be in a time in their lives perhaps stuck with fears or moving through grief or who are momentarily not in their best place, to believe in yourself. Believe in happiness. Believe in love. Believe in community. And believe in an all-pervasive energy that is there to support you. Live today like it could be your last. Love more, give more, and have more fun. You will be amazed at what you can do while setting yourself up for whatever might be next.

May you be open to receiving all the blessings of the holidays and 2020. Happy Holidays!





This month, I completed an extensive case study and research paper, as required for the second term of the Advanced Yoga Therapy Certification. It was a wonderful, interesting, and yet intense experience, amidst finding positive results with Yoga Therapy for Pelvic Floor Health During Menopause. I have been working with some lovely and exceptional ladies who are helping to pave the way for bringing Yoga Therapy and its myriad of benefits out into our communities, and feel so blessed to be doing something so powerful, that I love. It certainly brings an additional sense of self-worth, over and above being a part of a loving family in a great community.

In February 2020, our group will be hosting a Student Clinic for private Yoga Therapy sessions at the Vancouver School of Healing Arts. This will be the practicum in our third and final term of the program, and we feel fortunate to have this opportunity with our teacher/mentor close at hand. The one on one sessions is offered by donation with a suggested rate of $30/hour for each session. There are only 2 Tuesdays evenings each month until September 2020 available for booking, thus, if you are interested I recommend that you book a session at your earliest convenience. Please call VSOHA to book and request a session with me or one of the other therapists. If you prefer to arrange for a confirmed session with me during the day on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, please email

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