Body Harmony Yoga

Time is the most precious gift someone can give you. That is, when it is complete undivided attention with presence. Full body listening for the sake of understanding. A connection of pure awareness that I seek to find with you here. I liken it to the feeling of chanting OM at the end of a really good yoga class! A sensation we would love to sustain but understand “this too shall pass”.

When we think of something as being sustainable, we are not usually thinking in terms of sensations, the seasons OR of one’s personal life. For good reason! If the definition of sustainability is “the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level”, then it would go against the laws of nature for living things to stay the same. However, why wouldn’t we want to consider having a sustainable personal life? It makes sense that we best find an enjoyable way of conducting our day to day lives in a way that will continue to support us, indefinitely! Especially if you believe that the spirit goes on after this life, it would be worth a little time and consideration to maintain the body that houses the spirit, and then to take of the earth that sustains the body. Regardless of what you believe, the sustainability of the environment and the economy depends on your well-being. My intention here is to share this amazing link to help you consider some novel ideas for sustainable vacations and a sustainable you. Since summer is a season that most of us in Canada would like to last a little longer, I hope these ideas can help bring you some extended enjoyment. This summer and always.

Thankfully, this summer is affording me some extra time and a little break between terms in my Yoga Therapy Program. Yes! And as usual, our family will be sticking around BC experiencing nature, while doing many of the eco-conscious outdoor activities we enjoy.

Have a wonderful, safe and sustainable summer!





BCParks5 38c92a21f003443bCanada’s pristine ecosystems are enjoyed by all, but the overuse of plastics is a real threat to healthy environments. Together, let’s reduce plastic pollution!  There are plenty of ways to contribute and get involved in conservation with Parks Canada.



Mix all the following ingredients into your blender with wild summer abandon (which means no measuring allowed):

Enerex Gluten Free Mixed Berries Greens (about 1-2 tsp)
BC Blueberries
Fresh Mint Leaves

Ice and Water for desired consistency

Blend until smooth. Pour into a reusable cup with a cluster of blueberries on the bottom and a wedge of watermelon with a sprig of mint stuck into it on the rim.

This smoothie is great for kids but remember to serve with a spoon instead of a straw because your kids will give you trouble for not being eco-friendly! This recipe was found in How to Grow a Healthy Kid by the Choices Market Nutrition Team.