Compassion by Sarah Jane

“You don’t need to drag Auschwitz around with you everywhere you go”, was the direct but caring comment made by trauma expert Bessel van der Kolk, to his respected colleague Gabor Mate, MD. In his best selling book The Myth of Normal, Gabor says that in that moment, across the table many years ago, he was “seen”. The compassion and support of his colleagues, friends and loving wife contributed greatly to his healing journey, but along the way he needed to embody self compassion and forgiveness. That felt sense of compassion is much easier said than done, but the costs of avoiding this intimate connection with “Self” can be high.

It is encouraging that physicians are advocating yoga to help patients improve the mind/body connection and also soothe pain and suffering. The mindful and somatic practices of yoga are great tools to affirm what we are experiencing. So let the compassionate curiosity begin! A simple check in with metta meditation can tell us a lot about the level of compassion we are feeling within ourselves. To do this, get comfortable and mindful here and now. Place your palms open on your heart and repeat the following (either silently or aloud), in a tone you would use when talking to someone you love:

May I be happy…  May I be healthy…  May I be safe…  May I be peaceful and at ease…

When you are ready, continue repeating the verse but change the “I” to “you” or “we”. Let yourself really be in the moment, as this is a great way to see yourself and others in the light of compassion. The world needs each of us to grow our compassion and share it with the best of our ability. Whether your efforts to be caring and kind are direct or subtle, you will know when you have touched a heart.

Namaste (I see you)🙏🏼


I humbly acknowledge that I live, learn, work and play on the unceded and traditional territory of the Coast Salish peoples.


Body Harmony Yoga Retreats

“Nurture in Nature” Yoga Retreat

Apr. 17-19/23 at Bowen Island, BC

The spring retreat is fast approaching and we already have 8 wonderful women looking forward to this get-a-way! With a few cabins and rooms available, this retreat takes place at Nectar Yoga, a beautiful sanctuary 20 mins off the coast a short distance from on the ancestral and unceded territory of Nexwlélexwm (Bowen Island, BC). Our practices will take place in a beautiful geodesic dome that is nestled in the Alders near a babbling creek fed by the fresh water spring that rises from the earth. They will also be held outdoors intertwined with nature and in the beautiful Onyx lodge.

For all the information on accommodations, pricing, inclusions and how you may join us, please click here and then fill out the form. We will get back to you within 48 hours to guide you with the next steps. If this calls you, now is the time! If the timing is not quite right, you can save your space for the fall ECO Yoga Retreat & Cleanse Oct. 23-25th.


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OR maybe you have the time and means to join my good friend and lovely teacher Kim Lawrence on a Transformational Retreat in the Sacred Valley of Peru!? This last minute 14 Day adventure departs March 17th and will be supported by Kim, a Psycho-Spiritual Yoga Therapist, along with Andean Shamans, experienced guides, amazing women, and your inner wisdom. She invites you to come home to your big “S” Self!


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LIVE zoom community Hatha Yoga class with Lori 9:30-10:45am PST. Simply roll out your mat for mindful and life balancing yoga. If you have any questions at all about Body Harmony offerings or how to book online, be in touch with We look forward to welcoming you!

“Everything in nature grows and struggles in its own way, establishing its own identity, insisting on it at all costs, against all resistance.”  — Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet