With the onset of shorter days and cooler nights, here on the West Coast we feel that hint of change. Energetically, it’s wise to prepare the body and its system for the fall and winter ahead. Practices such as cleansing the diet, moving the body through Hatha and Yin yoga, and partaking in regular chanting sessions are all stellar for optimizing our energetic flow. For some, it seems quite obvious that diet and exercise will move blockages from our system. But chanting? Even a committed and well seasoned yoga student may not be aware of these benefits.

After we talk, sing, chant, laugh, cry or scream we usually feel better. This happens because of our physiology. Technically speaking, sound from the larynx is produced when air passes through the vocal cords causing them to vibrate and create sound waves. These sound vibrations can be felt moving from the larynx at the base of the neck, down through the vertebrae. In stillness, the central nervous system will stimulate a parasympathetic response, transmitting a sense of ease and peace to the entire body.

During Kirtan (call-and-response chanting) sacred Sanskrit mantras are used to make the sound experience especially powerful. Sanskrit is the purest form of speech, sometimes known as “the language of the Gods.” So with these high vibrations moving out around us creating a positive butterfly effect, there are so many reasons to give it a whirl!

Try it! The next time you sing a positive or inspirational tune, notice how you feel. Better yet, heighten your awareness the next time you chant OM in yoga class and enjoy the vibes.

Blessings and clarity to all!




Student Of The Month


When asked to share a few words about her experience here at the studio she said, “Deep cleansing breaths of sea air and mindful poses at Yoga on the Beach captured my body and soul a number of summers ago. After moving indoors to Body Harmony, I have appreciated the range and scheduling of classes, the quality of instruction and peaceful atmosphere of the studio.”





An Evening with Deva Premal

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Deva Premal and Miten are an inspiration in the world of music and mantra. They are a must see for anyone wanting to expand their yoga or chanting experience.

Wednesday, September 12 (7:00pm – 10:00pm)

Massey Theatre, 735 8th Ave, New Westminster

SAVE $20 of most ticket prices (limited time offer)


Mom & Baby Yoga with Lori Charko

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Motherhood involves the challenge of incorporating fitness amongst naps, feedings and all the responsibilities associated with having a child. Enjoy learning yoga poses while spending time with your baby (4 weeks to 12 months). We will rebuild those inner core muscles, create endurance in the body, as well as stretch and relax!

Mondays: Sept. 10 – Nov. 26 (10 classes/ 11 weeks)

Wednesdays: Sept. 12 – Nov. 28 (10 classes/ 12 weeks)

11:00am – 12:00pm (Tea and cookies after class)

$129.60 + HST – Preregister Now!


Yoga From The Core with Lori Charko


If you have never done yoga, you will learn fundamental back and abdominal conditioning asanas, appropriate positioning for sun salutations and improve your awareness of the core. If you have done yoga, you will benefit from clarifying the detailed anatomy of the core, as well as pick up fine tuning techniques and core visualizations. The yoga postures will be taught with adjustments to work safely with the physical conditions and postures of the individual students.

Maximum 12 students.

Saturday September 15th

12:30pm – 2:30pm

$20 + HST – Preregister Now!



Green Tip

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This year, as you get ready for fall, try to do so with an environmentally conscious mind. Not only will you be saving the planet, you will be saving money too! One way to do this is with your children’s trek to school. Have a carpool schedule with the neighborhood families, or encourage your kids to take the bus. You can also take the opportunity to ride your bike to work or walk while the weather is still good. For more tips on how to keep your autumn commute environmentally friendly, click here.