Life Force EnergyAs I write this, the anticipation is building about the birthing process of my first child. Time and again I remind students about the power of our breath and all that it holds. What a great reminder for myself! Our hearts pump oxygen from the breath through the blood in our bodies, but along with this movement of oxygen to each and every cell, comes the flow of pranaPrana is a yogic vital source of energy that is life-sustaining, much like chi or ki from other traditions. Prana is the Sanskrit term for Life Force Energy and I like to consider the conscious use of it as a spiritual way to energize oneself.

Living ‘one day at a time’ is a great way to cope when life feels complicated or overwhelming. However better yet, living ‘one breath at a time’ helps us stay truly in the moment and gets us through things that are seemingly impossible! Let’s all remember the power of our breath more often, and draw in the valuable life force energy that comes with each cycle. When we are born into this world, the first thing we do is ‘inhale’. When we expire and exit into the next world, the last thing we do is ‘exhale’.

Be with the life force and do this with me, BREATHE.

OM Shanti

Lori Charko


Student of the Month

Student of the MonthCongratulations Lorraine Bennett ! Especially over this past year, Lorraine has been a blessing to the studio with her helpful hints and great networking ability. What she says about us, “When I first walked in the door at Body Harmony three years ago, my situation was urgent. In my mid-50s, I was a “former runner”, stressed, out of shape, desperate for a means to recover lost strength and flexibility and a path to peace of mind. In the early days, so poor was my condition that I couldn’t hold my core body up in a seated position for more than a few seconds and the tension in my back prevented me from relaxing my back flat to the floor!

I’m happy to say that today I’m a devotee of yoga! It has restored much needed strength and flexibility, calmed my mind and body. It has given me skills directly applicable in other personal domains like scuba-diving – a sport I’ve come to late in mid-life. Yoga has given me the combined focus, relaxation and efficient breathing necessary to dive safely and comfortably.

I’m hugely grateful to Lori for her spiritual goodness and her technical skill, for creating an oasis of truly mindful yoga, and to the instructors and all the participants in the Body Harmony community for sharing ‘the peace’. Namaste.”


Develop Your Home Yoga Practice with Lori Charko

Developing Your Home Yoga Practice with Lori CharkoThis session is great for students who have some yoga experience, and feel comfortable with basic yoga postures. We will have fun creating a yoga flow incorporating your favorite postures and personal needs. Learn how to build a safe and balanced combination of postures for your own yoga practice at home, while vacationing or when working on the road using your hand written notes. Practicing yoga is a life long venture that can be done anytime, and virtually anywhere! Maximum 10 students. Please come prepared to practice your new flow.

Sunday February 20
12:30 – 2:30pm
$20 plus hst –
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Green Tip

Green TipThe next time you’re at home enjoying a movie or your favourite TV show, skip the chips and reach for a bowl of Edamame instead. Eda-wha?

Edamame, which means “beans on branches” are little pods full of tasty goodness. It’s an excellent low-calorie source of protein – including all 9 essential amino acids that the body cannot produce itself. It’s high in fibre, which keeps you feeling full longer and aids in digestion. The isoflavones supports a healthy heart and helps to maintain bone-density. Did I mention it’s full of folate and vitamin K as well? Both help to keep the heart healthy. Yes, there are some who caution against consuming too many soy-based products, however, as with all foods, moderation is key to a balanced diet – snacks included.

Edamame beans are delicious simply steamed, or you can get creative and sprinkle a little sea salt, pepper, cayenne???